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WLAN Test Set MT8860C Remote Programming Manual

This manual provides detailed information of the GPIB mnemonics for the Anritsu MT8860C WLAN Test Set.

Programming Manual pdf 1.3 MB Version: M 8/27/2013

WLAN Test Set MT8860C Operation Manual

This manual provides set-up and operational information for the MT8860C WLAN Test Set

Operations Manual pdf 3.8 MB Version: M 8/27/2013

MN8861A Stabilizing Bracket Installation Guide

MN8861A Stabilizing Bracket for the MT8860C WLAN Test Set

Installation Guide pdf 1.4 MB Version: C 1/16/2013

WLAN Test Set MT8860C Technical Data Sheet

This document provides specifications for the MT8860C WLAN Test Set and lists ordering information and option and accessory codes. A color brochure is also available (part number 11410-00393) from the Anritsu website ( The color brochure provides a detailed description of the MT8860C and highlights its features and benefits when testing a wide range of WLAN products...

Datasheet pdf 741.8 KB Version: A 12/21/2010

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MT8860C 13.0 Software Package

Software Package for the MT8860C WLAN Test Set

Drivers Software Downloads zip 1.2 MB Version: 13.0 8/27/2013

LANLook version 12.0

LANLook software for the MT8860C WLAN Test Set.

Drivers Software Downloads zip 11.6 MB Version: 12.0 1/25/2011

Ethernet Communicator 1.00 Software Package

Ethernet Communicator 1.00 Software Package for the MT8860C and MT8860B WLAN Test Sets.

Drivers Software Downloads zip 903.8 KB 7/22/2009

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How long will Anritsu “fully” support the equipment after it has been discontinued?

We will support the equipment 7 years after its discontinuance date.   Pleasecall 800-Anritsu (267-4878) for that information.

How much does it cost for Repair and/or Calibration?

Look on the tool bar of  this website and hover your mouse over the “Services & Support” words on the toolbar and click on “Repair and Calibration”. Next, click on “Repair and Calibration Pricing”. Enter your model number. The result will show your model number as a hyper link (in blue). Click on it to see the pricing.

Can an external WLAN signal be generated by the MT8860

Yes, the MT8860 was designed to test WLAN devices and has a WLAN output connector.

Does the MT8860C support 802.11n applications?

Yes, an 802.11n Tx and RX measurement option (option 17) is available for MT8860C.  The MN8861A Receiver Accessory is required for 802.11n receiver measurements.