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Bluetooth Audio Test Set MT8855A Operation Manual

This manual provides set-up and operational information on the MT8855A Bluetooth Audio Test Set and associated BlueAudio user interface software.

Operations Manual pdf 11.4 MB Version: D 1/16/2013

Rack Mount Kit Installation Guide

The Rack Mount Kit MT8852B can be ordered with rack mounting hardware that allows it to be mounted into a standard 48 cm equipment rack. P/N: 10585-00025

Installation Guide pdf 1.4 MB Version: A 9/19/2012

Bluetooth Audio Test Set MT8855A PESQ Measurement Option Product Information Sheet

PESQ Measurement Option for the MT8855A

Brochure pdf 1.1 MB Version: A 8/18/2010

Bluetooth Audio Test Set MT8855A Technical Data Sheet

This document provides specifications for the MT8855A Bluetooth Audio Test Set and lists ordering information and option and accessory codes. A color brochure is also available (part number 11410-00496) from the Anritsu website ( The color brochure provides in-depth descriptions of the MT8855A applications, as well as highlighting its features and benefits when testing a wide range of Bluetooth products. A Product Information Sheet (part number 13000-00319) is also available for more detailed information on the PESQ (Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality) and ASTS (Artificial Speech-like Test Stimulus) options.

Datasheet pdf 657.3 KB Version: D 8/11/2010

BlueStart User Guide

BlueStart is a simple application designed to help familiarize developers with the use of the MT8855 class library.

User Guide pdf 615.7 KB Version: B 5/12/2010

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BlueStart version for Bluetooth model MT8855A

MT8855A BlueStart Installation

Drivers Software Downloads zip 28.7 MB Version: 8/18/2010

MT8855A Firmware version 1.30

Firmware for the MT8855A Bluetooth Tester

Drivers Software Downloads 955.1 KB Version: 1.30 8/18/2010

MT8855A BlueAudio Installation

BlueAudio Installation for the Bluetooth Tester MT8855A

Drivers Software Downloads zip 49.8 MB Version: 1.30 8/18/2010

MT8855A Sample Tone Files

Sample Tone Files for the Bluetooth tester MT8855A

Drivers Software Downloads 12.8 MB 3/31/2010

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