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Spectrum Master MS2711B Maintenance Manual

This manual provides maintenance instructions for the MS2711B Spectrum Analyzer. It describes the product and provides performance verification procedures, parts replacement procedures, and a replaceable parts list.

Maintenance Manual pdf 2.5 MB Version: C 6/9/2009

Spectrum Master MS2711B User Guide

User Guide for the MS2711B Handheld Spectrum Master

User Guide pdf 1.9 MB Version: F 3/16/2007

Spectrum Master MS2711B Programming Manual

This programming manual is written exclusively for the Anritsu Model MS2711B with firmware version 2.00 or higher.

Programming Manual pdf 189.7 KB Version: B 8/1/2002

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HHCL Version History

Release dates, Software Requirements, and Compatibility.

Drivers Software Downloads pdf 354.1 KB Version: 3.44 6/4/2008

Download Handheld Code Loader

Handheld Code Loader v3.44 Visit the Handheld Code Loader Home Page for quick access to the firmware, features, and version history (no registration required). Note: Master Software Tools (MST) now works on Site Master S311D, S331D, S312D, S332D and Cell Master MT8212B. We strongly recommend users to migrate to MST. This platform has numerous productivity advantages over the HHST and all future product enhancements will be done via MST. Visit the Master Software Tools (MST) Home Page for more information.

Drivers Software Downloads exe 7.0 MB 3/19/2008

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Is it possible to recall traces once they have been deleted from the Site Master 251 series?

There is no way to retrieve the traces once you have deleted them. It's always a good practice to download the traces from the Site Master to a laptop before leaving the site.

I left my Site Master on a bench and went to lunch. It's not sweeping anymore. What's wrong? How do I get it to sweep again?

The Site Master goes into a power saving mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. Just press the RUN/HOLD button and the unit will begin sweeping again.

What will be the benefit for me to install the Site Master Code Loader?

The Code Loader program allows you to keep the installed firmware version of your Site Master current to the current version being shipped. In other words if you had for example, 6 units and they all had different versions, as seen when you turn the box on, then you could make them all current with the latest version.

What is the little double arrow 'C' symbol on my display mean?

This is the Site Master temperature icon. It indicates that the internal temperature of your unit has changed enough to make the calibration invalid. When it appears, you should re-calibrate your instrument. You can check the temperature range of your most recent cal by pressing .sys.status.

Is the v6.41 software backward compatible with the v6.4?

Files saved with an older version of software tools such as 6.40 can be read and manipulated with version 6.41. Files which were saved with the new 6.41 version can not be read and manipulated with an older version such as 6.40.

Marker and trace data values are truncated to the right of the decimal (comma) for both Frequency and Amplitude. This occurs in German and French operating system Regional Settings.

Marker and trace data are displayed properly in German and French Regional Settings when "German(Swiss)" and "French(Swiss)" regional selections are made. To select the operational German or French Regional Settings, do the following : Go to Start up Menu - Settings - Control Panel - Regional Settings Select "German(Swiss)" Regional Settings for German users or "French(Swiss)" Regional Settings for French users.

Why is my unit giving bad readings?

There might be a calibration problem. Have you performed an open/short/load calibration? Check the calibration kit for mechanical damage.

Why is my Site Master display blank on power-up?

Site Master defaults to having a minimum contrast which often appears blank. Adjust the contrast with the up/down arrow keys until the display appears.

When installing Software Tools on a Windows 2000 operating system, the installer might find versions of DLLs on your PC that are out of date.

Installation of Windows 2000, Service Pack #1 is required. The Service Pack #1 can be found at: "">

What is the MTBF specification for the MS2711B?

The MTBF (Avg.) for the MS2711B is 88,475 Hrs.

Can I use the InstaCal I got with my new S331C on my S331B? How about my S114C?

Your InstaCal module can be used on any S11xC, S33xC, or later models. InstaCal will not work on the older "B" models or on the S251C.

What is the part number for a replacement battery for the 'A' and non-lettered Site Masters?

ND45417 - contact a service center for pricing and purchasing

What type of interface cable is needed for connectiing a computer to the Site Master?

The cable is a RS232 with 9-pin female connectors on both sides and needs to be a null-modem cable. In an emergency, purchase the following part numbers from Radio Shack. 26-152 and 26-264.

What do I need if my Laptop doesn't have a Serial interface connection?

Anritsu has a USB-to-Serial adapter, part number 551-1691 or customer can order the Earthmate USB Power Adapter directly from DeLORME at "">

When I open a plot in the Site Master Software Tools I am unable to move any of the markers away from the left or right margin of the plot.

This is caused by opening a plot that has been saved by a higher version of the Site Master software, i.e. you can not open a plot that has been saved by v6.41in v6.31 or lower. The person trying to view the plot must upgrade their version of the software. NOTE: if, after opening the plot and seeing the problem, the user saves the plot it will corrupt it and will exhibit the same problem even when opened in the original version of software. Just opening the plot will not corrupt it.

How do you determine if my Site Master adapters are working properly?

1. You can use Site Master to verify your adapters. The User's Guides of all of our Site Masters have a procedure for Return Loss Measurements. 2. When you measure the return loss of your adapter after an Open Short Load (OSL) calibration, please pay attention to the frequency range of the termination (load) used. For example, 7/16 load works to 8 GHz, SM/PL works to 4 GHz, 28N50-2 works to 18 GHz. 3. Adding another adapter between the adapter under test and the load will degrade the measurement of the return loss of the adapter under test. Plus if one adapter is really bad, you won't know which one is the culprit. 4. Perform the OSL calibration at the Site Master test port. The OSL calibration needs to be performed at the same place you will be connecting the adapter to be tested. Then attach an appropriate load. You are now measuring the return loss of the adapter. 5. Ultimately you have to have known good terminations and a known good Site Master to be able to perform these measurements. If you have more than one unknown, then it becomes very difficult to tell where the problem is. Anritsu offers calibration services for Site Master and also for the loads as well as some of the adapters. If you still are having problems, please consider sending your equipment in for calibration.

What are the Universal Serial Bus(USB) to Serial Adapter data rate transmission limitations?

The following limitation exists for most commonly used USB to Serial Adapters: The baud rate only goes from 9600 - 38400 kbs.

How do I know if my Site Master battery is charging?

The "Battery Charging" indicator on the back panel will be lit when the battery is charging.

Using version 6.41 software, I do not seem to be able to overlay two plots by the drop and drag method described in the help file. Can you suggest what I may be doing wrong?

On the Software Tools Window, the Mouse Function is a toggle, make sure it says.... Mouse Function: Plot Overlay. Now you can only overlay similar traces, that is a DTF plot or VSWR (Return Loss). Using the mouse - left click on the trace to be used and drag it over to the second trace as shown in the help window.

I'm trying to use dynamic attenuation with my MS2711B at full span. It doesn't seem to work. Why not?

Dynamic attenuation cannot compensate for the "zero beat" that exists in all spectrum analyzers. Increase the starting frequency such that the zero beat is no longer visible.