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Option 10 - User-Defined Modulation Waveform Software for the MG3690 Series User Guide

This manual provides general information, a description of required equipment, setup procedures, operating instructions, and programming commands for Option 10. P/N: 10370-10327

User Guide pdf 1.8 MB Version: D 3/3/2020

Series MG369xB Synthesized Signal Generators Maintenance Manual

This manual provides service information for the model MG369xB Signal Generators. The service information includes replaceable parts information, troubleshooting, performance verification tests, calibration procedures, functional circuit descriptions and block diagrams, and assembly/subassembly removal and replacement.

Maintenance Manual pdf 6.8 MB Version: H 2/6/2018

Synthesized Signal Generator MG369xB SCPI Programming Manual

This manual provides information for remote operation of the Series MG369XB Synthesized High Performance Signal Generators using commands sent from an external controller via the IEEE-488 General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB).

Programming Manual pdf 981.3 KB Version: D 2/19/2014

RF & MicrowaveSignal Generators MG3690B Technical Data Sheet

The MG3690B is the ¡°ideal microwave signal generator¡± because it offers unsurpassed frequency coverage, leveled output power, spectral purity, switching speed, modulation performance, size, upgradeability, reliability, and service. Our signal generators are configurable for a broad range of applications from R&D to manufacturing and depot repair. Anritsu provides you a total solution including proven reliability and standard 3 year warranty plus pre- and post-sale support that is the best in the industry.

Datasheet pdf 1.9 MB Version: K 4/7/2011

Synthesized Signal Generators MG369xB GPIB Programming Manual

This manual provides information for remote operation of the Series MG369XB Synthesized Signal Generator using commands sent from an external controller via the IEEE-488 General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB).

Programming Manual pdf 770.9 KB Version: D 6/14/2009

Synthesized Signal Generator MG369xB Operation Manual

This manual provides general information, installation, and operating information for the Anritsu series MG369XB synthesized signal generator. Throughout this manual, the terms MG369XB, signal generator, and synthesizer will be used interchangeably to refer to the instrument.

Operations Manual pdf 1.7 MB Version: D 3/14/2007

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MG3690 Series Drivers

This file contains drivers that can be used with Anritsu synthesizer signal generators. There are drivers applicable to the MG3690C Series (including MG3691C, MG3692C, MG3693C, MG3694C, MG3695C, MG3697C), the MG3690B Series (including MG3691B, MG3692B, MG3693B, MG3694B, MG3695B, MG3696B), and older models included in the MG3690A series, 68000B series, 68100B series, 68200B series, and 68300B series.

Drivers Software Downloads zip 23.6 MB Version: A 1/30/2013

MG3690B Synthesizer IVI Drivers

For C++, Visual Basic, LabView, and LabWindows

Drivers Software Downloads zip 3.9 MB 3/3/2008

Option 10 - User-Defined Modulation Waveform Software for the MG3690 Series

Drivers Software Downloads zip 5.7 MB 10/2/2006

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Does the MG3690B understand SCPI commands?

Yes, but only if the unit is configured with a special option installed, SM5821.

How do I set a MG3690B series Signal generator to factory defaults settings?

To perform a master reset, proceed as follows: Step1: With the MG369XB in standby mode, press and hold the RF OUTPUT ON/OFF key. Step2: Press the LINE OPERATES/STANDBY key to turn the instrument on. Step3: When the first menu is displayed (after the start-up display), release the RF OUTPUT ON/OFF key. The contents of non-volatile memory have now been erased and reprogrammed with factory default data.

What is your confidence level of uncertainty statement?

According to the ISO GUM, Anritsu has adopted the practices to state coverage factor, k=2, to show 95% confidence level for most of its uncertainty statement.

What is the procedure to clear any user setups from the memory of a MG369XA or MG369XB Series Signal Generator?

A master reset of the instrument will overwrite any custom setups with default values. To perform a master reset on an MG369XA or MG369XB do the following: 1. Turn the MG369XX off by pushing and momentarily holding in the Operate/Standby front panel button until the instrument goes into Standby mode. 2. Push and hold the Output On/Off front panel button, and while holding it in, turn the MG369XX on by pushing and momentarily holding in the Operate/Standby front panel button. 3. Once the boot-up sequence completes the unit has now been reset and the Output On/Off button can be released.

What are the types and sizes of the memories that MG3690A and MG3690B series Signal Generators have?

The MG3690A or MG3690B has 8MB of Flash non-volatile memory, 128KB of SRAM battery-backed non-volatile memory and 16MB of DRAM volatile memory. It does not have a hard drive or any other type of volatile or non-volatile memory.

What type of RF output connector is standard for the MG3691B?

The standard RF output connector for the MG3691B is a K(f) connector.

Is there a GPIB command that would update the MG3690B display while running the instrument in remote?

You have to turn this on manually.  Press Config > GPIB > More > Display Updates "ON".  This will update the display with the current settings when in the remote mode.

I am trying to calibrate a 68269B signal generator. I need the interface cable to go from RJ45 on the PC to the 9 pin connector on the Signal Generator.

You need the Serial Interface Assembly which provides serial interface between the PC and the 682XXB/683XXB.   ANRITSU P/N: T1678

Is there a way to set up the MG3692B to emulate a 6700B?

Yes, but the MG3692B will need to have special firmware installed. Contact an Anritsu Service Center for more information.

How do I calculate jitter for an MG3696B?

Jitter and phase noise are directly related and one can be determined from the other.  If I assume that the bandwidth of interest is 10 Hz to 1 MHz (this is effectively the phase noise offset range that we will use to calculate jitter), the total jitter for an MG3696B with option 3 at a 6 GHz carrier is 99.1 fs RMS. For comparison purposes, if I assume the bandwidth of interest is 1 Hz to 1 MHz for the same instrument with the same options, the total jitter becomes 822.3 fs RMS. 

The typical data from the technical data sheet was used for the above calculations at 6 GHz. At 3 GHz the phase noise will be approximately 6 dB better than at 6 GHz and using this approximation will provide results of sufficient accuracy.

We have a requirement for 2 CW RF microwave signals to be applied 90 degrees out of phase with each other into either end of a device under test. How can this be achieved?

This can be achieved with a pair of MG369XB's with the low band option (either option 4 or 5) and the Phase Tracking Special, SM5815.  With this special the phase difference between the synthesizers can be set either from the front panel or programmed over GPIB. 

What are the maximum input levels for the Pulse Trigger Input on the MG3692B?

Damage levels for the pulse trigger input are >+10 volt and <-5 volt.

Why is option 7 or 15 not allowed with option 18 in the MG3690B Signal Generator?

Option 15 can not be installed with option 18 due to the internal power supply limitations of the MG3690B.  Options 7 and 18 cannot be installed at the same time because the rear panel connectors for each Option occupy the same physical space.

Can the MG3692C send signals into loop antennas with signal input levels up to or close to +20 dBm?

The instrument will not be damaged by driving the antenna over the frequency range specified in the data sheet for the antenna. However, since the antenna does not present a 50 ohm load to the generator, the actual power delivered to the antenna will be different than that displayed on the front panel of the MG3692C. The user will need to somehow monitor the power to the antenna under the actual use conditions in order to accurately determine the power being delivered. The best way to do this would be to set the MG3692C power level to provide a given field strength from the antenna without regard to the numeric setting of the front panel level indicator on the MG3692C