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366xX-1 Verification Kits and 3-2300-527 (67688) Performance Verification Software for VectorStar MS4640B Series VNAs

This quick start guide provides a brief overview of the installation and use of 366xX-1 Verification Kits and the 2300-579 Performance Verification Software (PVS) with VectorStar MS4640A/B Series VNAs.

Refer to the VectorStar MS4640A/B Series 366xX-1 Verification Kits and 2300-579 PVS User Guide – 10410-00270 for detailed information about safety, installation, configuration, setup, and verification testing.

Quick Start Guide pdf 1.1 MB Version: F 10/4/2017

Broadband VectorStar ME7838E Technical Data Sheet & Configuration Guide

The ME7838E Broadband VNA System provides single sweep coverage from 70 kHz to 110 GHz. The ME7838E Millimeter-Wave configuration provides waveguide output from 50 GHz to 1.1 THz in waveguide bands. The system can extend the broadband system or be configured to operate only as a waveguide system.

Datasheet pdf 7.6 MB Version: C 9/20/2017

Broadband VectorStar ME7838D Technical Data Sheet & Configuration Guide

The VectorStar ME7838D 145 GHz Broadband system is the world’s first VNA combining RF, microwave, and two mm-wave bands in a single coaxial output. Through the use of the Anritsu-developed 0.8 mm coaxial connector, frequencies up to 145 GHz can be propagated within a coaxial transmission line without waveguide flange connections. A broadband frequency sweep from 70 kHz to 145 GHz is now available without the need to concatenate multiple systems. The result is more accurate device characterization from near-DC through the W band and F band frequencies. W band devices can now be characterized beyond the operating frequency of the application for more accurate modeling and higher success rate from the first design turn. The ME7838D fully supports the 3744A-Rx 30 GHz to 125 GHz receiver for noise figure measurements up to 125 GHz. Integrating Anritsu’s unique strength in nonlinear transmission line technology (NLTL), the ME7838D system offers many advances in broadband performance over traditional systems.

Datasheet pdf 5.8 MB Version: C 9/20/2017

VectorStar ME7838A4 4-Port Broadband Vector Network Analyzers Technical Data Sheet

The VectorStar ME7838A4 system incorporates the Anritsu millimeter-wave module utilizing Non Linear Transmission Line (NLTL) technology with single sweep 4-port coverage from 70 kHz to 110 GHz. The ME7838A4 4-port millimeter-wave configuration provides waveguide output from 50 GHz to 1.1 THz in waveguide bands. The system can extend the broadband system or be configured to operate only as a waveguide system. This technical data sheet provides technical specifications for the VectorStar ME7838A4 Series Multiport Broadband Vector Network Analyzers.

Datasheet pdf 6.1 MB Version: C 9/20/2017

Broadband VectorStar ME7838A Technical Data Sheet & Configuration Guide

This document provides the specifications for the VectorStar. Broadband and mmWave configuration Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs) listed below, including all related options, and accessories. Alternative configurations available on request.

Datasheet pdf 6.9 MB Version: H 9/20/2017

VectorStar 2 and 4 Port Millimeter-wave Vector Network Analyzer Quick Fact Sheet

The VectorStar ME7838A mm-wave system combines the MS4640B series VNA and 3739B test set to control 2 external mm-wave modules for measurement frequencies from 110 GHz to 750 GHz and higher in waveguide bands. The 3739B test set routes the internal RF and LO signals from VectorStar thus eliminating the need for external sources. If 4 ports are required, a SM6586 test set and the MN4697B 4 port test set with 2 additional modules can be attached. OML or VDI modules may be used.

Brochure pdf 490.5 KB Version: D 9/13/2017

VectorStar E and W band Millimeter-wave VNA System Quick Fact Sheet

The VectorStar E and W band millimeter-wave (mm-wave) system incorporates the high performance compact Anritsu mm-wave modules in an economical extended E or W band configuration.

Brochure pdf 532.9 KB Version: E 9/13/2017

Understanding Vector Network Analysis

In this Understanding Guide we will introduce the basic fundamentals of the Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). Specific topics to be covered include phase and amplitude measurements, scattering parameters (S-parameters), and the polar and Smith chart displays.

Application Note pdf 4.9 MB Version: D 7/27/2017

VectorStar MS464xB Programming Manual

This manual provides information for remote operation of the VectorStar MS4640B Series VNAs using commands sent from an external controller via the IEEE 488 General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB), USB, and Ethernet.

Programming Manual pdf 26.6 MB Version: N 7/14/2017

VectorStar MS464xB User Interface Reference Manual

This manual provides a reference for the VectorStar Series VNA User Interface (UI) menus and dialog boxes. In addition, this manual provides the context-sensitive portion of the instrument Help system.

User Guide pdf 75.9 MB Version: N 7/14/2017

VectorStar MS464xB Operation Manual

This operation manual is to used as a guide for the proper installation and operation of the VectorStar MS4640B Series of Vector Network Analyzers.

Operations Manual pdf 11.9 MB Version: L 7/14/2017

VectorStar MS464xB Technical Data Sheet

This document provides detailed specifications for the MS4640B series microwave Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs), including all related options, and accessories.

Datasheet pdf 9.7 MB Version: N 7/14/2017

VectorStar MN4690C Series Multiport VNA Test Set Quick Start Guide

This quick start guide provides a brief overview of the MN469xC Multiport VNA System assembly. For important safety and compliance information and for more details about the assembly, configuration, setup, and initial equipment test, refer to the VectorStar™ MN469xC Series Multiport VNA Test Set Installation Guide.

Quick Start Guide pdf 1.0 MB Version: C 7/14/2017

VectorStar MS464xB Online Help System

The VectorStar™ family is Anritsu's premium Vector Network Analyzer line, providing the highest overall performance on a modern platform. The MS4640B VectorStar VNA offers the broadest coverage in a single instrument, 70 kHz to 70 GHz. The additional two decades at the low end are even more impressive than the guaranteed 70 GHz coverage on the high end. Use Anritsu's Online Help System to learn more about the operation, programming and use of the MS4640B VectorStar Series of Vector Network Analyzers.

Online Help System htm 187.0 KB Version: N 7/14/2017

Multiport VectorStar MN4690C Installation Guide

This manual provides general information, installation, operating, and maintenance information for the VectorStar MN469xC Series Multiport Test Sets. The following model Multiport Test Sets are discussed in this manual: MN4694C, K Connectors, for the VectorStar MS4642A/B or MS4644A/B VNAs MN4697C, V Connectors, for the VectorStar MS4645A/B or MS4647A/B VNAs Throughout this manual, the term test set is used to refer to the MN469xC Series Multiport Test Set, the term VNA is used to refer to the VectorStar MS464xA/B Series Vector Network Analyzer, and the term DUT is used to refer to the device under test.

Installation Guide pdf 1.2 MB Version: C 7/14/2017

VectorStar MS464xB Calibration and Measurement Guide

The purpose of this Measurement Guide is to introduce the basic calibration and operation of the VectorStar MS4640B Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) System and reduce the time required to become proficient at performing basic measurements. The procedures in this manual assume a working knowledge of, and a familiarity with, vector network analyzers.

Measurement Guide pdf 54.4 MB Version: N 7/14/2017

VectorStar MS464xB Product Information, Compliance, and Safety

This guide provides warranty, safety and regulatory compliance information for the VectorStar™ Series VNA products. The VectorStar™ Series VNA products provide powerful network measurement tools for performance analysis of RF and microwave devices with frequency ranges spanning from 70 kHz to 70 GHz in a single connector, and up to 1.1 THz using broadband mm-wave modules.

Datasheet pdf 1.1 MB Version: C 7/14/2017

VectorStar MN469xC Series Multiport Test Set Maintenance Manual

This manual provides general service and maintenance instructions for Anritsu MN469xC Series Multiport Test Set. It contains procedures for: Testing the system for proper operation Verifying System Performance in conjunction with a 2-port MS4640A or MS4640B VectorStar VNA Troubleshooting tests and techniques Locating and replacing failed parts in the MN469xC Series Test Set

Maintenance Manual pdf 7.8 MB Version: B 7/14/2017

VectorStar (Microwave Vector Network Analyzer) Declaration of Conformity

The VectorStar (Microwave Vector Network Analyzer) Declaration of Conformity is a special document issued by Anritsu to state that the product meets all of the applicable legislation and European directives.

Datasheet pdf 25.1 KB Version: A 6/9/2017

Sequential Peeling: a Model-Based Approach to Structure Identification and De-embedding

Sequential peeling is a model/measurement-based method at network extraction for de-embedding. It uses isolatable phase responses of defects to create a lumped-element description of a structure (shunt, series, or cross-bar) that can be physically meaningful and useful in sequential de-embedding. The method works best when the significant reflections are electrically small and isolated and the overall loss of the fixture is not too great but there are corrections available to help with the loss element.

White Paper pdf 1.3 MB Version: A 6/6/2017

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CapVNA for VectorStar VNA

CAPVNA is a Windows program to capture, display, save and print the graphical and textual data from VectorStar VNAs. The displayed data can be loaded from a flash drive where it was previously saved at the VNA or captured directly from the VNA over the GPIB port. The displayed data can be saved in a variety of formats to the PC's internal disk drive or a network drive and printed to a local or network printer(including color).

Drivers Software Downloads exe 3.6 MB Version: 1.0.1 9/18/2017

MS4640B VectorStar Application (Software V2017.06.03 and DSP Firmware V2017.06.03)

Unzip the downloaded file into a flash drive, then follow the instructions in the installation .rtf file.

Important: New software installation instructions are included. Please be sure to read the VectorStar How To Install document before installing.

Drivers Software Downloads zip 478.9 MB Version: 2017.06.03 8/24/2017

VectorStar MS4640B Download WannaCry Security Patch

Security patch for the MS4640B Series VectorStar Vector Network Analyzers.

Drivers Software Downloads zip 19.9 MB Version: 1.0 8/3/2017

Exact Uncertainty Calculator

This software can be used to calculate and plot Transmission and Reflection, Magnitude and Phase, measurement uncertainty, for VectorStar, ShockLine and Lightning family VNAs. It takes into consideration different calibration methods and kits, different conditions such as IF BW, and non-zero s11, s22, and s21, s12 conditions for transmission and reflection uncertainties respectively.

Drivers Software Downloads exe 748.2 KB Version: 2.04 4/24/2017

Noise Figure Uncertainty Calculator

The VectorStar Noise Figure Uncertainty Calculator is a standalone program used to provide the user a tool for easily determining measurement uncertainty while using the VectorStar VNA Option 041 – Noise Figure. The calculator can be installed on the VectorStar instrument desktop or on a Windows XP/Windows 7 PC. Notes: The VectorStar application may start after a reboot. If the Uncertainty Calculator installation was not completed, please close the VectorStar application. Installation instructions may not be visible with the VectorStar application running. A desktop shortcut is not automatically created during installation.

Drivers Software Downloads exe 78.8 MB Version: 1.0.1 1/10/2017

WindowsGPIB (version 3.79)

WindowsGPIB is a Windows®-based program that sends and receives program data over GPIB, in response to commands entered from the keyboard or from a command file, similar but friendlier than NI's WIBIC. It is a good tool for testing mnemonics and commands while developing ATE programs. Windows GPIB supports only NI GPIB.

Drivers Software Downloads exe 4.1 MB Version: 3.79 1/10/2017

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