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Anritsu FAQs

How do I add options to my S331D Site Master?
Some options for the S331D Site Master require additional hardware or calibration factors to be loaded into the unit so the work needs to be done in either an Anritsu service center or at the Morgan Hill, CA facility.  For other options, these can be added via a license file and instructions on how to complete this process are shown below:    Generating an Instrument Config File and Installing A New License File To automatically queue the Anritsu website for updates, you must configure the Master Software Tools (MST) Internet Settings. 1. Run the MST program. 2. Connect to the instrument. 3. Generate a Config File a. Pull down the Sync menu and highlight Device Status and Options to open the submenu.   Get Options Highlighted (config file)   b. Click Get Options (Config File). The Save Config File window opens.     c. Go to the folder where the license file was previously stored. d. Highlight the file and press the Open button. The filename format is model-spaceserialnumber.license. e. MST will install the new license into the instrument. After the installation is complete, a dialog appears.   “Instrument options successfully upgraded. Cycle power on the instrument to begin using the new features”   f. Follow the instruction. g. Verify the new option(s) are listed on the boot up screen.