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Anritsu FAQs

The MS272xB spectrum analyzer has several detector modes, how do I select the right one for my measurements?
 The available detectors are Peak, RMS, Negative, Sample and Quasi-peak. During sweeps, several measurements are made as slightly different frequencies for each display point. The peak detector displays the largest measured value for each display point, assuring that narrow spikes are not missed, the RMS detector calculates the RMS value of the several measurements for each display point and is best suited for measuring noise or noise-like signals, the negative detector displays the smallest measured value for each display point and is useful for making small signals near the noise floor more visible, the sample detector measures one point for each display point, making it the fastest detector. It is best suited for measuring broad signals where the value doesn't change rapidly with frequency; The quasi-peak detector is designed to meet CISPR requirements and is primarily used for EMC measurements in conjunction with special resolution bandwidths.