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Can I use the Anritsu BTS Master MT8222A as a test instrument for calibration and maintenance of my Motorola CDMA Base Station using the Motorola Local Maintenance Facility (WinLMF)?

Yes, the BTS Master MT8222A version V1.48 onwards can be controlled using LMF software version 2.20 and up. To use a BTS Master with LMF, open LMF and click on the Tools menu, then on the Option menu item. In the LMF Options window, click on the Test Equipment Tab and select the Network Connection Type. Select Agilent E7495 and then connect.  The Anritsu BTS Master will emulate the communication of the Agilent E7495.  This particular implementation is supported by Anritsu, not Motorola.  For any questions or issues related to this interface, please contact Anritsu at 1-800-ANRITSU.

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