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I have downloaded the latest firmware for the MT8852A/B onto my PC. What is the firmware upgrade process for the MT8852A/B?

1. On the PC unzip the file downloaded for the firmware upgrade.

2. Connect the serial cable from the MT8852A/B to the PC. Make sure the PC is using COM port 1.

3. Press config button on the MT8852A/B. Scroll down using the down arrow to System feature and press the select key.

4. On the MT8852A/B scroll to Software update and press select. The following step must be performed in this order and must be done within a few seconds.

5. On the MT8852A/B Scroll to BootLoad.

6. Press select

7. On the PC click on H_Boot1. (double click) You should get a pop up window and it should show data transfer. The upgrade should take 7-10 minutes.

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