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I need a Cable and Antenna Analyzer and VNA that I can use to test cable TV applications that have an impedance of 75 Ohms. Can I use the MS2024/26A on 75 Ohm systems?

Yes the MS2024/26A can be use to test 75 ohm systems. When using 75 ohm matching pads you are limited to 3GHz for your testing. You need to use a matching pad, part number 12N50-75B and 75 Ohm calibration components. The calibration components are:

22N75 Open/Short, DC to 3GHz, N(m) 75 ohms

22NF75 Open/Short, DC to 3GHz, N(f) 75 ohms

26N75A Precision Termination, DC to 3 GHz, N(m), 75 ohms

26NF75A Precision Termination, DC to 3 GHz, N(f), 75 ohms

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