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I input a known frequency and power level to my Cell Master's MT8212B SPA RF input. When I am in Power Meter (Internal)mode (Option 29), why are my readings incorrect?

Verify that the following settings are correct on your MT8212B Cell Master and that the settings are the ones which you want. Please follow the following steps to check which settings are on:

1) Press the (Amplitude)hardkey at the bottom of the unit. At the bottom of the screen, it gives a status for (Offset,Relative,and Zero Adj.) Verify that all three of these settings are in the (OFF) mode, unless they should be turned on by the user.

2)Is Relative Mode ON? If YES: was this setting purposefully turned on by the user? If this setting should be on, then go to step 2. If the setting was not supposed to be on, turn it off by pressing the (Amplitude)hardkey on the bottom and then the Relative Mode (Rel) softkey on the right hand side of the unit. If the power meter reading is still incorrect, there may be an Offset turned on. To check this, please go to step 2. If NO: Go to step 2 to check the Offset setting.

3)Is there an Offset enabled? If YES: On the bottom of the screen, the value of the offset will be shown along with the word (On). If the user wanted to enable this offset, then go to Step 4. If this offset is not supposed to be enabled, the user can turn it off simply by pressing the (Offset)softkey on the right hand side of the screen. The offset should now say (Off)next to it. If NO: Go to step 3 to check if the unit is (Zeroed).

4)Ensure that the Zero Adjustment is at its proper state. Does (Zero Adj)have anything beside it on the screen? If YES: If Zero Adj states that it is enabled, and it was accidentally turned on it may give incorrect readings. Turn disable it, press the (Zero)softkey on the right hand side of the display. IF NO: There may be an issue with your unit. Please try to do an (ESC-ON) Reset of the unit. Other possible suggestions are faulty components that may have been used during the Power Meter calibration. Please contact your nearest Anritsu Field Service Office for support.

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