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How do I execute a TMA sweep and gain measurement using a MT8212B Cell Master?
The steps are as follows: 1. Are you using a MT8212B for sure? Yes: Go to step 2. No: Use troubleshooting techniques for the equipment they are using. 2. Does the unit have the Bias Tee option (Option 10A)? Yes: Proceed to step 3 No: The test can only be performed if the customer is using an external Bias Tee to supply voltage to the amplifier. Not sure: Press SYS-->APPLICATION OPTIONS and verify BIAS TEE is shown on screen as an option. 3. Does the unit have the Transmission Measurement Option (Option 21)? Yes: Proceed to step 4. No: The test cannot be done. Not sure: Press MODE. Verify on screen that Transmission Measurement is listed on the screen. If it is, use the UP/DOWN soft key to scroll to Transmission Measurement and press ENTER. 4. Has the unit been calibrated for the Sweep/Gain test for the TMA? Yes: Go to step 5. No: or Not Sure: Find Frequency and Bias specification on the TMA, i.e. 1850-1910 MHz with a 12 volt bias requirement. Set the frequency range on the MT8212B to test the TMA as follows: Press the FREQ/DIST soft key --> Press the Start Freq soft key and enter start frequency (i.e. 1700MHz). Press the Stop Freq. soft key and enter the stop frequency (i.e. 2100MHz). Calibrate the unit by pressing MEAS/DISP>CALIBRATE TM and follow the on screen instructions to calibrate the unit. To execute the sweep/bias test connect, the RF Out port of the MT8212B to the Antenna port of the TMA. Connect the RF IN port of the MT8212B to the BTS port of the TMA. You should see a sweep going through the TMA. You may need to adjust the amplitude on the screen to see the top of the sweep. Turn on the BIAS TEE option to verify TMA gain. Press SYS>APPLICATION OPTIONS>BIAS TEE>BIAS TEE VOLTAGE and enter 12 for 12 Volts. (Voltage can be set from 12 to 24 volts depending on system parameters). Once voltage is set press the BIAS TEE ON/OFF soft key to apply voltage to the TMA and verify TMA performance. Important! In the above method you are connecting directly to the TMA. The RF Out of the Cell Master will saturate the amplifier, which will cause an erroneous measurement. External attenuation of RF Out is normally required for this measurement. The amount of attenuation depends upon the normal input levels to the TMA. The output power of the Cell Master is about -10dBm.

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