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Ideal Optical Spectrum Analyzer for Faster Optical Module Evaluations

MS9740A Example of LD Module Analysis

Point1 Shorter Measurement Time: Reduces Total Time for Transferring Data from Waveform Sweeping to External Device

Increases Measurement Processing Speed and Shortens Device Evaluation using Multiple Applications.

The Optical Spectrum Analyzer MS9740A reduces the total time from waveform sweeping through analysis and data transfer by 80% compared to previous models.

[Waveform Sweeping] Spectrum Measurement with Real-Time Sweeping of 0.2 s/5 nm.

MS9740A Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Fast waveform sweeping and ranging processing support spectrum measurement with waveform sweep speeds of 0.2 s/5 nm.

MS9740A spectrum measurement with waveform sweep speeds of 0.2 s/5 nm

Spectrum and noise level fluctuations can be monitored in real time.
The status of changes in the light-source wavelength can also be confirmed easily.

[Analysis] Eight Built-in Analysis Menus for Optical Device Evaluation

MS9740A spectrum measurement for Optical Device Evaluation
  1. LD-Module
  2. DFB-LD
  3. FP-LD
  4. LED
  5. PMD
  6. WDM
  7. Opt.Amp
  8. Opt.Amp (Multi-channel)

Example of Eight Analysis Applications

All-at-one setting of required test items for each application on one easy to use screen

MS9740A spectrum measurement for LD Module Test
LD Module Test Items
  • LD Module
  • OSNR (Measured Value)
  • OSNR (Noise Figure per 1 nm)
    The OSNR noise level is specified from either Higher, Left, Right, and (L+R)/2, or can be specified as the distance from the peak wavelength.
  • SMSR
  • Side-Mode Peak Wavelength and Level
  • Spectrum Width (n dB Method, RMS Method, Standard Deviation)

[Data Transfer] No Waiting for Data Transfer

MS9740A Data Transfer

The throughput is faster at every stage from wavelength sweeping and analysis through to transfer to the external controller.

GPIB Interface, SMSR Measurement (DFB-LD), VBW=10 kHz, Resolution 0.1 nm, Sweep width 5 nm, Sampling Point 501

MS9740A Faster Measurement Times

Point-2 Built-in Remote Commands: Shorter Time Required for Creating Substitute Remote Commands

Partial Support for Other OS Remote Commands

With backwards compatibility for remote commands used by earlier Anritsu instruments (MS9710B, MS9710C, MS9780A) as well as partial support for remote commands used by other makers' optical spectrum analyzers, remote programs are created in a shorter time.

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