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Shockline 2-Port Performance RF VNA MS46522B with monitor

ShockLine™ 2-Port Performance VNA

  • High output power allows measurement of high attenuation devices
  • Advanced time domain option provides tools for signal integrity (SI) analysis
  • Industry leading dynamic range enables measurement of very low reflection artifacts
  • Excellent corrected directivity minimizes measurement uncertainty
  • SmartCal auto calibration unit reduces calibration and setup time
  • Time domain with time gating option grants easier and faster fault identification
  • Modern LAN interface for remote control is faster than GPIB
  • A common GUI and SCPI interface within the ShockLine family
  • Access loops and Bias Tee option allows maximum custom test setups
  • E-Band VNA
    • Extended frequency range covering E-band and major parts of V band
    • Full-assembled test system eliminates setup errors and increases reliability
    • Tethered modules connect directly to the DUT increasing measurement stability

The MS46522B is a series of 2-port Performance ShockLine Vector Network Analyzers. Delivering an unprecedented level of value and performance, including best-in-class dynamic range, the Performance series lowers cost-of-test and speeds time to market in numerous testing applications up to 92 GHz. These applications include designing and manufacturing mobile network equipment, mobile devices, automotive cables, high-speed data interconnects and system integration components.

The MS46522B configured with option 10, 20, or 40 brings RF to microwave frequency capabilities to the Performance ShockLine family. These frequency options, combined with powerful ShockLine software, provide a cost effective solution for the most challenging, passive device testing.

Option 82 is the E-Band frequency option for the 2-port MS46522B. It brings banded mm-wave measurement capabilities to an economic cost level unprecedented in the marketplace. For applications requiring only E-band frequency coverage, the new 500B series 55-92 GHz mm-wave option is the best value on the market and enables mass market production of E-band components.

For applications requiring time domain analysis, options 2 and 22 are available. Option 2 enables the MS46522B to provide real time Bandpass and Lowpass time domain functionality. Lowpass time domain enables a TDR like display with capability of showing real impedance over distance or time. Option 22 equips the MS46522B with file based Signal integrity (SI) tools for debugging SI issues and validating circuit models.

The MS46522B-010 VNA has additional options available. Options 51 and 61, Access loops and Bias Tee respectively, allow maximum flexibility for custom test setups. Access loops increase instrument noise floor and lowers the receiver compression point allowing for testing of DUTs with high dynamic range requirements. Bias Tees provide DC power for device testing that requires biasing while testing.

The MS46522B series comes in a 3U high chassis and use the same GUI, software, command syntax, drivers, and programming environments as the rest of the ShockLine family.



  • UE – micro coaxial RF connectors
  • UE – Antennas, switches, diplexers, UE Front End Modules (FEM)
  • 5G network components


  • RF (FAKRA) connectors
  • Driver assistance radar

General Purpose

  • Passive multi-port component testing
    • Connectors
    • Cables
    • Electromechanical
    • Switches
    • Attenuators
    • Couplers
    • Filters
    • Isolators
    • Circulators
    • Phase shifters
    • Radar connectors
    • Near-field and far-field antenna measurements

System Integration Applications

  • System calibration
  • Path-loss characterization
  • General s-parameter and time domain measurements

Simple Active Applications

  • Amplifier characterization

Wireless Power Transfer Applications

  • KQ product
  • Maximum efficiency

Optical to Electrical & Electronical to Optical Applications

  • Radio over fiber (RoF) and Digital Information Interface
    • CATV network
    • Satellite base station
    • Telephone systems
    • Photo receiver
    • Laser modulator
    • Optical transceiver

Frequency Options

Option Description
MS46522B-010 50 kHz — 8.5 GHz
MS46522B-020 50 kHz — 20 GHz
MS46522B-040 50 kHz — 43.5 GHz
MS46522B-082 55 GHz — 92 GHz

Other Options

Option Description
MS46522B-001 Rack mount, adds handles and removes feet for shelf-mounting into a 19 in. universal rack
MS46522B-002 Time domain with time gating
MS46522B-022 Advanced Time Domain
MS46522B-051  Direct Access loops (Source 1, 2 and b1, b2) (For MS46522B units with Option 10 only)
MS46522B-061  Bias Tees (Port 1 and 2) (For MS46522B units with Option 10 only)

ShockLine VNA Series updated
Multiple source control
Increased output power
Short open load reciprocal

ShockLine Performance MS46500B series Demo

ShockLine Performance
2 and 4 port solution, all sources sweep at the same time, all s-parameters in a single sweep

Demonstrating ShockLine E-band VNA Solution at IMS 2016

E-band VNA Solution
Demonstrating ShockLine E-band VNA solution and Diamond Engineering, during IMS 2016

Key Aspects to consider when selecting a production VNA

Choosing a VNA
Key Aspects to consider when selecting a production VNA
Several considerations discussed


DesignCon 2017 EDA Café Interview
Sanjay Gangal interviews Joe Mallon, Business Development Manager of Anritsu at 2017 DesignCon Conference.

E-band dielectric material measurement using a ShockLine Vector Network Analyzer

E-band dielectric constant
E-band dielectric material measurement using a ShockLine Vector Network Analyzer

Antenna radiation pattern measurements using ShockLine Vector Network Analyzer

Antenna Measurements
Measure radiation patterns in the E-band range using ShockLine
Vector Network Analyzers

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