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Network Extraction and De-Embedding Techniques for a Differential PCB Probe

2/11/2021 , ON DEMAND

Learn how to accurately extract, and de-embed, an S4P model for a true odd mode, 70 GHz, differential probe (with no grounds), when conducting PC board measurements with a VNA to 70 GHz.

What you will learn:

  • What is Network Extraction?
  • What is Embedding/De-Embedding?
  • Configuring the DVT Solutions Differential Probing System
  • Using AtaiTec’s ISD Software to Generate an S4P Model for a Differential Probe
  • Making Differential Measurements with Anritsu's Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) Family
  • How to Apply and Verify Probe Model Using VNA De-Embedding
  • Live Demonstration


Arno Pettai – Field Application Engineer

Brian Shumaker – President and Founder DVT Solutions, LLC