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Base Station Testing and Optimization

Base Station Testing and Optimization

"We've been chased by elk, stalked by a mountain lion, had to run from bears and snakes, and even had one site infested with rats. Our test equipment
was dropped, kicked, and bounced around in all types of conditions across the country... and it performed and delivered time after time!"
— MIKE M.. Field Technician

Antenna System Solutions


Antenna System Solutions

When you're faced with punishing field conditions, be sure you have the right tools for the job—Anritsu antenna system solutions. Anritsu was the first in the industry to provide rich functionality and best-in-class performance to help you improve productivity and identify minor issues before they become major problems. 

spaceDetect warning signs early 

Base Station Solutions



When it comes to meeting your key performance indicators, such as dropped calls, call denial, or call blocking rates, count on our base station solutions for quick problem resolution, accurate testing, and fast verification of installations and commissions of base stations.

Resolve problems fast 

Air Interface Optimization Tools



Interference is a constant problem for wireless network operators. Our air interface optimization tools can help mitigate these problems by analyzing call events, signal strength, and neighbor information quickly and easily.

Maximize your KPIs

Backhaul Solutions



We know what you need. Our powerful backhaul solutions provide a comprehensive solution for deploying, maintaining, and troubleshooting wireless backhaul in a lightweight package. Accomplish more with less—the speed and efficiency cut certification times in half, so you're more productive.

Accomplish more with less