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Base Station Solutions

              Maximize system uptime
                      and reduce per-site service time.

Base Station

Our base station solutions:

  • Provide the ability to troubleshoot down to the Field Replacement Unit (FRU) to minimize costly "no trouble found" (NTF) associated with card swapping
  • Improve network reliability to reduce churn
  • Lower dropped/blocked calls, raise data rates, and keep network optimized

Our base station solution products feature signal analyzers for the major wireless standards around the world.

The goal?

Increase data rate and capacity by accurate power settings, ensure low out-of-channel emissions, and provide good signal quality to create a low dropped-call rate, a low blocked-call rate, and a good customer experience.

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"We've been chased by elk, stalked by a mountain lion, had to run from bears and snakes, and even had one site infested with rats. Our test equipment was dropped, kicked, and bounced around in all types of conditions across the country...and it performed and delivered time after time!"

Field Technician