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Air Interface Optimization Tools

Quickly and easily identify
       network performance.

Air Interface

Our air interface optimization tools:

  • Identify the interference—either from a neighboring wireless operator, illegal repeater or jammer, or self interference
  • Help discover opportunities for optimizing network performance through real-time mapping, full playback capacity, and one-click synchronization
  • Provide the data and information necessary for maximizing wireless network performance

Our air interface optimization tools can provide outdoor and in-building analysis of wireless networks during planning, implementation, and optimization to meet KPIs for minimum dropped and blocked calls, and to maximize data throughput.

These reliable and time-tested tools can be used to analyze multi-story, in-building networks with microcells, picocells, or femtocells, as well as 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless networks.

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"We've been chased by elk, stalked by a mountain lion, had to run from bears and snakes, and even had one site infested with rats. Our test equipment was dropped, kicked, and bounced around in all types of conditions across the country...and it performed and delivered time after time!"

Field Technician