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Sensing & Devices
Sensing and Devices
As a semiconductor foundry company, we handle everything from the design to the manufacturing of optical/ultra high-speed electronic devices and develop technologies for utilizing those devices, in order to support the creation of a safe, secure, and comfortable society by swiftly and flexibly meeting a wide range of needs, such as telecommunication devices, medical sensing, industrial sensing, environmental measurement, and precision measurement.
Launch Wideband 56-Gbaud OE Converter
Launch Wideband 56-Gbaud OE Converter
Anritsu Corporation is launching OE Converter AD44198A with wide frequency characteristics of 45 GHz supporting PAM4 optical signals between 28 and 56 Gbaud. It can be used as the optical IF receiver in semiconductor testers required for evaluating high-speed,
Device Development History
Ultrafast Electron Devices (2) – Inauguration of MMIC Group
This guide introduces the 6th development history from early MMIC development to establishment of mass production.
Wavelength Swept Light Source White Paper
Wavelength Swept Light Source White Paper
This white paper explains an OFDR measurement system and procedure. Moreover, it describes a large distance measurement of the surface shape of a large car.
News Release  SOA for High Temperature
High Temperature SOA
AA3T115FYB is a semiconductor optical amplifier for optical transceivers for long distance (40-80 km). It has excellent high-operating temperature and helps cut power consumption of optical transceivers.


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