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Duration: 00:03:38
Release Date: 4/29/2021

XR75 X-Ray Performance Series Demonstration

Noel Phillips gives an excellent demonstration of our highest performing XR75 X-Ray Inspection system. The XR75 X-Ray Inspection system detects the smallest contaminants while using less power than similar models, reducing your total cost of ownership. It's also engineered to be sanitary, easy to clean, and easy to operate.

Transcript: XR75 X-Ray Performance Series Demonstration

Hello my name is Noel Phillips and I’m with Anritsu, and I’m the Regional Sales Manager here in the Chicago region, and I’d like to introduce you to our new XR75 x-ray system. I’d like to take a few moments and tell you some of the great features that this offers you.

Number one, we’ve redesigned this machine to be more sanitary, so we have a sanitary design here, you can see the sloped edges, inside the machine itself we have removable curtains, easy to clean, much more sanitary when they’re removed and cleaned, we also have a toolless removable belt, one pull of a little button and up you can lift it and off the belt comes, you clean it and put it back on, all that can be done in less than 15 minutes, saving you about 45 minutes of cleaning time.

We also have a new improved x-ray tube, the way it is powered. It uses about a third of the power to run this particular tube. Because of that, this tubes going to last up to 3 times as long as our previous tubes. This will help with your overall total cost of ownership. We also have a high sensitivity detector, the only one of its kind out in the marketplace today, and because of that high sensitivity detector, and the low power tube, we can find some of the softer contaminants better than our competition.

We also produced a machine that’s IP 66 without an air conditioner in the back. Because we don’t have an air conditioner in the back, that’s going to reduce cost upfront, that’s going to reduce cost to run the machine and that’s also going to remove completely a piece of equipment that would need to be serviced or replaced eventually down the road, so that’s completely out of the equation. We also have put a new integrated user interface into this machine, so it’s easy, within about 15 minutes I can train a customer on how to use this. It also has a database of 200 different menu items so you can program up to 200 of your products into this machine, it also saves 100 of the most recent no-good images on the hard drive in this machine, so you can actually refer back to some history on this machine as well. Any time anything happens that you get an alarm of any sort, a no-good of any sort, or something else that might happen to this machine it is all kept in the history, you can look at that history at any point in time and review back what happened and when it happened as well.

Lastly, detection. Detection is the most important part of this machine. You’re finding the smallest contaminants of stainless steel, of ferrous metal, of glass, of stone, of bone, with this particular machine. We’d love an opportunity to take your product, test it in this machine and prove to you that it can find the smallest contaminants of any food x-ray machine in the world.

Now that you’ve heard all the advantages of this XR75 that it provides for you, we invite you to come visit us at Also while you’re there, we’d love to have you take a look at our new small footprint combo metal detector checkweigher, you’ll be amazed at what we can do in 800 millimeters of length. We also have metal detectors and standalone checkweighers and different varieties of our x-ray machines.

So thank you for your time, we look forward to hearing from you, we have demo buses that would love to come out and visit you, please give us a call.