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Duration: 00:01:28
Release Date: 4/29/2021

XR75 Side View X-Ray Inspection System

Highest Performance with Lowest Cost of Ownership
Protect your brand against recalls with the XR75, our most advanced X-Ray Inspection System, able to detect the smallest contaminants while increasing major component lifetime and reducing power consumption. The new XR75 Side View brings Anritsu Infivis's X-Ray technology and low TCO to rigid package inspection. Applications include PET bottles, standup pouches, vertical cartons, and aseptic packaging. The Side View is a touchless solution with a compact 2m footprint. It mounts over your existing production line, eliminating product transfers and jams. The system offers unbeatable contaminant detection and low cost of ownership providing a superior return on investment.

Transcript: XR75 Side View X-Ray Inspection System

Hello! Welcome to Anritsu. Today we’re watching the XR75 Side View X-Ray Machine, the latest and greatest in x-ray technology. This machine is capable of detecting soft contaminants, smaller pieces of metal than any other x-ray in the past, yet still able to last 3 times as long without replacing a component.

Simply by applying a motor coder signal to the x ray machine, we have fully incorporated the x-ray into your process. This side view x-ray machine plugs right over the customers conveyer, that way we are able to just purely inspect the product uninhibited without any curtains.

The XR75’s capabilities to detect foreign objects don’t just apply to simple hard contaminants such as metal, that’s the easy stuff for the XR75. Here at Anritsu we focus on the soft contaminants and some of the anomalies that cause production issues and complaints that we don’t want to see leave our process.

Anritsu’s performance has really allowed our reputation to rise in the current marketplace but also allowed us to become partners in product inspection and protecting your brand name. The XR75 is a curtainless solution that allows the product to flow uninhibited through the x-ray machine to allow optimal detection yet not inhibiting your process.

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