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Duration: 00:01:55
Release Date: 4/29/2021

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System

Shown at the Pack Expo, Anritsu Infivis displayed the latest process in foreign contamination detection - a hazard control analysis critical control point system. The fully-integrated system includes a M6 Metal Detector, SSV Checkweigher and the XR75 X-Ray. The process begins with the metal detector that detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals, followed by the checkweighing system identifying overweight or underweight product. Finally, the X-Ray inspection system detects foreign materials: glass, rock, stone, bone, metal and others. All detection systems are connected to a dual station reject equipped with a CCP kit consisting of reject verify, bin full and low air pressure sensor.

Transcript: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System

Hello my name is David Quebbemann, I’m Director of Sales at Anritsu, and today we’re here to show you the latest in foreign contamination detection processors. We have here our hazard analysis critical control point fully integrated machine system. This system allows you the ability to control up to 200 recipes for the entire process with one HMI screen.

The process starts with our M6 metal detection machine, detecting for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, from that your product will then move onto our integrated checkweighing system, detecting for overweights and underweights on our SSV checkweighing machine. Once a product transfers off of our checkweighing system it transfers onto our XR75 x-ray machine detecting for foreign contaminants, of glass, rock, stone, bone and metal along with any other contaminants in your product. Upon leaving the x-ray machine it will go into the reject station of which there are two reject bins, the first one for underweights and overweights, the second reject bin is for foreign contaminants.

My name is Frank Urquides, and I’m the Regional Sales Manager in the Southwest, for Anritsu Infivis. Our M6 metal detector comes with our standard dual frequency technology, which allows the user a lot of flexibility to dial in on small contaminants. Our systems are precision engineered for the most robust environments in food production, and with space on production lines in mind, our systems have the smallest footprint in the industry which allow us to integrate easily into most production lines.

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