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Duration: 00:08:42
Release Date: 4/29/2021

Exceeding your foreign matter HACCP specification can save you money

If you’re simply meeting your HACCP foreign material spec, you may be missing many potential cost-saving opportunities. Learn how greater detection levels can reduce your false reject rates as well as minimize or possibly eliminate your need to rework products. X-Ray is used to detect the following contaminants: metal, glass, bone, ceramic, stone, product clumps, and other foreign material. An engineering-driven company, Anritsu has 150,000 inspection installations since 1964 with worldwide sales and service, and available CE and MID-European standards. Anritsu’s full solution range includes x-ray, checkweigher, metal detector, and combination systems, backed by 24/7 technical help. Anritsu equipment is network ready, giving you access to comprehensive inspection and status data, reporting, and remote commands. Anritsu supports Ethernet, EtherNet/IP, OPC UA/DA, and Anritsu QUICCA3 quality and collection software.

Presented by: David Quebbemann, Director of Sales