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Duration: 00:08:16
Release Date: 4/29/2021

Complete HACCP food inspection solution in tight production line spaces

Limited in space? Learn how you can upgrade your detection capabilities in the same space as your current metal detector or checkweigher. Discover how to perform comprehensive foreign material detection, weight inspection, and rejection with one of the industry’s most compact and complete systems. X-Ray is used to detect the following contaminants: metal, wire, glass, bone, ceramic, stone, product clumps, and other foreign material. An engineering-driven company, Anritsu has 150,000 inspection installations since 1964 with worldwide sales and service, and available CE and MID-European standards. Anritsu’s full solution range includes x-ray, checkweigher, metal detector, and combination systems, backed by 24/7 technical help. Anritsu equipment is network ready, giving you access to comprehensive inspection and status data, reporting, and remote commands. Anritsu supports Ethernet, EtherNet/IP, OPC UA/DA, and Anritsu QUICCA3 quality and collection software.

Presented by: Michael Ahern, National Sales Manager