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Release Date: 4/29/2021

Anritsu Red Meat and Pork Inspection Technology

When it comes to overall equipment effectiveness, Anritsu meat x-ray systems exceed industry standards and expectations. We understand that accuracy is a critical component to meat processor's success, so our Ultra HD technology is capable of detecting the most minute bone and metal contaminants down to 0.2mm ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel spheres at production line speeds. See differently and discover what you've been missing by checking out Anritsu's advanced x-ray detection technology today!

Transcript: Anritsu Red Meat and Pork Inspection Technology

To help meat processors achieve higher line efficiencies while focusing on ROI, TCO and OEE, Anritsu x-ray checkweighers and metal detection technology solutions are designed to be more accurate, more reliable and the best in the industry.

When it comes to overall equipment effectiveness, OEE, Anritsu meat x-ray systems exceed expectations. As a meat processor you’re looking to maximize the performance of the equipment on your line, this means accuracy is a critical component to your success. With our ultra HD technology, you’ll detect the most minute bone or metal contaminants, down to 0.2mm diameter ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel spheres, at production line speeds.

All our x-ray systems come equipped with Anritsu’s HD imaging that can detect metal contaminants as small as 0.4mm diameter wire and 1-2mm diameter glass, stones and calcified beef and pork bones.

Our DualX system provides a large repeatable benefit within the meat industry by reliably detecting as low as 2mm or smaller bones. DualX also provides repeatable value in enhanced detection of low-density contaminants in products where bone, stone, ceramic, glass and even wire might enter the process.

But with our best in industry x-ray detection equipment, you’ll see the difference as your revenue cycle increases, while you reduce your lines downtime and false reject rates. With an easy-to-use operator interface, dynamic use of our auto-learn technology and the advanced hygienic design, your x-ray detection will stand up to the most stringent needs for quality.

Anritsu, precision engineered check weighing red meat solutions drive productivity. With our proprietary smart measure function, you’ll be able to balance production with the accuracy you need, this provides a versatile and flexible means to decrease false rejects and reduce product giveaway. Overall, this significantly improves ROI.

p>As a meat processor, you know that it’s important for operating speeds to remain consistent while maintaining strict quality standards. With over 50 years of experience and 150 models, we’re able to choose the best solution, including safety, security and validation.

In addition, every country has its own global weighing standards, Anritsu checkweighing solutions meet or exceed these standards across the world.

Meat metal detections systems are designed with safety compliance in mind. Accuracy is an integral part of meat safety and compliance. All Anritsu metal detectors run two simultaneous frequencies independent of each other, to detect both ferrous and non-ferrous materials at the same time. You’ll minimize false rejects and see the most minute contaminants in your meat products.

Our SSV combination systems offer flexibility to handle a variety of functions and drive ROI, by freeing up your line space while reducing your critical control points. High stability and reliable performance are critical to keep your meat line running efficiently. More-over, integrating our combination system, both checkweighing and metal detection, will decrease the equipment footprint and get critical data and insights to help you boost your OEE and make decisions to increase efficiency.

When it comes to hygienic design, Anritsu metal detection equipment is best in industry. We understand that easy clean-up is important in delivering a safe, high quality product. It’s because of this we ensure our system design includes tool-less belt removal, for quick, easy system and belt clean up, while ensuring the highest regulatory compliance.

Ownership of Anritsu equipment and technology solutions are just the beginning. Meet Performa360, a lifecycle management program designed to help you maximize your investment while giving you the tools, support and training to better see, diagnose and run your products most efficiently. Including yearly inspection programs, we’ll help you meet the highest certification to comply with HACCP and reach your peak line performance.

Our passion for advancing quality control with the best in industry inspection and detection technology is at the heart of our commitment to you.

It’s what you see and how you see it. See differently. No other company can provide your line with deeper accuracy and reliability than Anritsu. We invite you to see the difference and discover what you’ve been missing.