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Duration: 00:01:51
Release Date: 4/29/2021

Anritsu Infivis DemoVan

Anritsu is the most accurate contaminant detection company in the industry. We take our Anritsu DemoVan to our customer to do product testing, training, and to introduce our customers to our various detection products. Look for contaminants, check for overfill and underfill and test with your own products right at your facility. See how Anritsu Infivis can work with your line and your products before your purchase. Answer your questions from all areas of your process without having to come to our facility. Save money, time, and get hands on with your product and the detection equipment.

Contact us today to schedule a DemoVan visit.

Transcript: Anritsu Infivis DemoVan

Anritsu is the most accurate contaminant detection company in the industry, and this is the Anritsu DemoVan. We take this van to our customers to do product testing, training and to introduce the customer to our XR75 x-ray machine, SV checkweigher and the M6 metal detector. During the demonstration you will learn how to set up product, not only looking for contaminants but in cases of broken products, missing products, overfill, underfill, and that’s the good thing about bringing the DemoVan to your facility, you will be able to do the testing yourself with your product, see what type of accuracy we can get with our checkweighers, what type of detection you are able to get with the metal detectors.

Imagine not having to load a group of people to come to the Anritsu facility. You can bring your maintenance people, your quality people, you can bring managers from other departments, we are able to get all these questions answered at the same time.

“The first thing we did is grabbed every challenging product that we had, we ran out there and said OK tell us what you can pick up on this process. Everyone gets to touch the process, ask questions, it takes a few minutes out of their busy schedules. Ultimately by seeing the demonstration and looking at the capabilities this was a perfect segue into us taking the next step. Anritsu is the first x-ray company that we’ve used and it’s the only company that we’ve used because we like the technology and the partnership.” Kevin Antonelli, VP, Corporate Engineering, Ed Miniat.

We’re going to save you money, we’re going to save you time, and you’re going to get actual hands-on with your product. We have DemoVans all across the country, give us a call or request a visit online, and we’d be happy to send a van out to you.