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anritsu infivis x-ray inspection system
Contaminant Detection / Product Inspection / Quality Assurance / Product Safety
X-Ray Inspection Systems
Anritsu has the industry’s most reliable and accurate x-ray inspection systems that your business needs for outstanding detection and product inspection. Trust our x-ray machines with leading-edge technology for contaminant detection, product integrity checks and quality control. Ideal for inspection of food and pharmaceuticals for assured consumer safety from foreign materials.
anritsu infivis checkweigher inspection system
Precision Weighing and Inspection
Ensure consistency of product weight with Anritsu’s highly accurate checkweighers. Our easy-to-use machines are ideal for the manufacturing, food and pharmaceutical industries, for businesses in need of a high-speed solution in a compact footprint.
anritsu infivis metal detection system
Contaminant Detection / Product inspection
Metal Detectors
Rely on Anritsu’s precision engineered metal detectors for dependable performance in real-world production environments. Our metal detection accuracy and reliability is unrivalled within the food industry. Improve efficiency with our Dual-wave technology, optimized to detect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals simultaneously.

X-Ray Inspection

Anritsu Infivis X-Rays

Anritsu X-Ray Inspection Systems give food and pharmaceutical producers the best combination of contaminant detection, reliability, and low total cost of ownership. Anritsu has the advanced technology you can trust to protect your customers from even the smallest contaminants. With outstanding accuracy and precision, our x-ray machines can detect metal, stone, bone, glass, and more, using our advanced HD and UltraHD technology. Beyond detection, Anritsu X-Ray Inspection provides missing product, shape detection, virtual weight, count, and package check. Anritsu UltraHD Technology is known for its ability to detect contaminants of only 0.2 mm diameter, including ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless contaminants. Anritsu HD Systems can detect metal contaminants as small as 0.4mm, and glass and stones at 1.0mm to 2.0 mm.


anritsu infivis checkweigher inspection

Ensure product quality and determine weight with Anritsu’s precision inline checkweighers. Anritsu checkweighers provide exceptional product safety, productivity, and excellent return on investment while ensuring compliance with HACCP programs, all in a compact footprint. SSV Series: With accuracy as low as ±0.01g at 3σ and speed up to 600 products/min, the SSV promises top product inspection performance and productivity. Reliability: With nearly 100,000 installations worldwide, Anritsu checkweighers are built to last and consistently perform.

Metal Detectors

anritsu infivis metal detection

Detect ferrous and stainless metals simultaneously with Anritsu’s advanced Dual Wave metal detector solutions. Perfect for accurate, efficient contaminant detection, all Dual Wave machines are easy to maintain and have a world-class reputation. Protect your brand and keep your customers safe with this innovative metal detection technology. Accuracy: Anritsu’s dual frequency metal detection technology consistently finds the smallest contaminants in all product types Footprint: The industry’s smallest dual-frequency system eases line integration but built strong for production environments.

Checkweigher and Metal Detector Combination Systems

anritsu infivis checkweigher metal detector combination system

Highest Accuracy with Smallest Footprint Space. Anritsu’s SSV checkweigher and metal detector combination systems provide outstanding weighing accuracy with simultaneous multi-frequency inspection to help find the smallest contaminant. Maximize your line space and ensure HACCP compliance with a solution that is compact, easy to maintain and simple to operate. Anritsu’s precision engineering minimizes false rejects and provides unrivaled system reliability, giving you superior total cost of ownership. Minimize false rejects, improve your product inspection and protect your customers with metal detection technology that offers the best performance for the food and pharmaceutical industries.