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Dual Wave High Sensitivity (duw-h) Metal Detector

Metal Detector

KDS Dual Wave High Sensitivity (duw-h)
This product has been discontinued
KDS Dual Wave High Sensitivity (duw-h) Metal Detector

Standard Features

  • Dust and Waterproof Protection (W type)
  • Coaxial Type Metal Detector
  • Estimated Sensitivity Display
  • HIS Setting
  • Interactive Guidance
  • Statistics
  • NG History
  • Simple Cleaning
  • Flow Direction Change
  • Variable Belt Speed
  • Variable Line Heights
  • Auto Reciprocal Setting
  • Online Interface
  • HACCP Support
  • Automatic Power Switching

Optional Features

  • Printer
  • Rejection Confirmation
  • Reverse Rejection
  • Ethernet
  • CE Marking
  • FCC Compliance


During an in-house comparison, the high-sensitivity dual wave (duw-h) series supports three times better detection sensitivity in terms of S/N ratio, and increases the detection of contaminants by two ranks. This higher sensitivity and stability was achieved by optimizing the algorithm for the new head on this metal detector. The duw-h series heads are vibration and electric noise resistant. The duw-h series has three types to choose from with numerous models in each category type, including the following:

  • KD810
    • B - with a pass width of 210 mm, this model is ideal for contaminant detection in individually packaged small products
  • KD811
    • B - with a pass width of 300 mm, this model is ideal for contaminant detection in general and aluminum-metalized-packaging products
  • KD812
    • B - with a pass width of 450 mm, the new head is resistant to environmental changes and is ideal for inspecting wider products


With three different types to choose from - KD810 B, KD811 B and KD812 B - the duw-h series has models that can withstand pass widths of 210 mm, 300 mm and 450 mm. The high-sensitivity head and new algorithms on this series achieve a higher sensitivity than ever before possible. The BW models are fully waterproof for easy cleaning, and are designed to prevent dust accumulation. The SUS 304 mirror finish helps sanitization, supports HACCP and ISO22000 in addition to contaminant detection.

Metal Detection with High Sensitivity and Stability
The enhanced auto-tracking and auto-limit functions maintain detection sensitivity automatically and achieve higher stability.

Anyone can Easily Achieve High Sensitivity
Anyone can obtain highly sensitive detection using new functions featuring the "HIS (high sensitivity) setting" (offering maximum metal detection performance).