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異物検出、パッケージ検査、外観検査-  Contaminant Detection / Quality Inspection
Contaminant Detection / Product Safety/ Quality Assurance
X-Ray Inspection Systems
Anritsu X-Ray inspection provides accurate contaminant detection, product integrity checks and quality control in all stages of production. Anritsu X-Ray advances food and pharmaceutical product quality and assures consumer safety with industry leading performance.
重量選別、ランク選別 - Quantitative Inspection / Automatic Grading
Precision Weighing and Inspection
Playing a vital role in manufacturing, checkweighing ensures consistency of product weight. Anritsu checkweigher solutions weigh products at a high speed and provide the highest accuracy with the smallest footprint.
異物検査、磁気能書検査 - Contaminant Detection / Inspection of Package Inserts
Contaminant Detection / Product inspection
Metal Detectors
Anritsu's metal detectors detect metal contaminants including ferrous, stainless steel and aluminum. Anritsu's exclusive technology and expertise deliver highly accurate, reliable, easy to clean metal detection solutions.

X-Ray Inspection Systems

X線検査 - X-ray Inspection

Anritsu X-Ray inspection technology has earned an industry-wide reputation for performance, accuracy, quality and repeatability. With our advanced HD and UltraHD technology, we can find the smallest contaminants- metal, stone, bone, ceramics, glass and more- time and time again. The Anritsu UltraHD technology installed in our machines can detect even the most minute contaminants - 0.2 mm diameter ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless spheres at production line speeds. Meanwhile, the Anritsu HD systems detect metal contaminants as small as 0.4 mm diameter and 1.0 mm to 2.0 mm diameter glass and stones.


質量検査 - Weight Inspection

Best Combination of Value and Performance. Checkweighers provide exceptional safety, productivity and excellent return on investment while ensuring compliance with HACCP programs. The SSV series can weigh up to 310 products/minute with a scale value of 1 milligram (.001 grams) and a maximum accuracy of ±.01 g. Our weighing solutions span from economy to high accuracy systems for both dry and wash-down environments. Anristu checkweighers offer the best combination of price and performance with the smallest footprint in the industry. 

Metal Detectors

金属検出 - Metal Detection

Advanced Technology for Detection of Metals. Metal detectors deliver the innovative Dual Wave solution that allows processors to run two frequencies simultaneously to maximize independent detection of ferrous and stainless metals. Anritsu metal detectors are engineered to provide superior accuracy and easy to maintain. With thousands of industrial metal detectors installed globally, our expertise and experience are unmatched.

Checkweigher and Metal Detector Combination Systems

Combination Trio

Highest Accuracy with Smallest Footprint Space. Space and cost savings are obtained with Anritsu's integrated inspection solution, the combination checkweigher and metal detector system. In one system you can receive high accuracy weighing and metal detection, cut waste and improve safety compliance within a small footprint while minimizing false rejects. Best performance in the food and pharmaceutical industries.