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Rejector Systems 101


Here is some basic information on a less-than-popular piece of machinery that everybody still depends on: The Rejector System.

What is a Rejector System?

A rejector system is a quality assurance tool that is installed onto conveyor belts for improved safety and validation. It can operate at a blazing fast speed – approximately 250 products per minute – and with incredible accuracy. Implementing Rejector System technology onto your conveyor belt is mandatory in some industries, as it delivers a safe, reliable product every day.

How are Rejector Systems used?

Rejector Systems are used in several ways, including:

Confirmations: Ensuring products are properly classified. This function is executed with a laser sensor.

Operation Checks: This monitors whether or not internal units, such as actuators, are working properly.

Chute attachments and detachments: This ensures the safety of the system while also preventing the improper discharge of products.

What does Anritsu have to offer?

Anritsu carries an impressive array of rejector systems, all of which are highly unique, efficient and effective in the way they pick out and isolate products that aren’t quite ready for consumers. Anritsu’s selection includes:

  • Flippers
  • Dropouts
  • Up&Outs
  • Air Jets
  • Trips
  • Pushers
  • Turners
  • Carriers
  • Chutes
  • Shuttles

Call Anritsu today for a free consultation and quote. Our food inspection equipment and x-ray inspection equipment is among the highest-rated in the world.

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