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New Detection Equipment at Process Expo 2017

September 25, 2017

A global leader in the manufacture of highly-accurate inspection and detection equipment, Anritsu Infivis offers the industry’s most technologically advanced systems for food and beverage manufacturers. “Our X-Ray and detection systems allow food companies to ensure their brand integrity in a fast-paced, evolving market,” said Michael Ahern, Eastern district sales manager. READ MORE >

Benefits of a Large Product X-Ray Inspection System

November 30, 2016

If your business requires you to view large quantities of small packaged goods, you will benefit from the use of x-ray inspection systems. Anritsu offers four models of packaging industry x-ray systems that provide long-term flexibility and are incredibly user-friendly. READ MORE >

Top X-Ray Inspection Systems for Product Quality and Safety

November 12, 2016

Engineered with precision and high-sensitivity detection, our HD systems are the superior choice for food safety inspection but, with so many models to choose from, distinguishing between each can be overwhelming. Are you debating which top x-ray inspection system is right for your processing needs? READ MORE >

Food Metal Detectors Make Your Packaging Safer

April 18, 2016

Food and pharmaceutical processing plants use food metal detectors when they turn out quality, safe products. The production line is a fast-moving process, and both ferrous and non-ferrous metal may contaminate a run. As you know, this can be disastrous, with the result of the loss of an entire run of product. READ MORE >

Our XR75 Advanced Long Life Technology Makes Food Inspection Safer

February 22, 2016

Accuracy and reliability are the two most important factors in food safety. Fortunately, the XR75 Advanced Long Life Technology from Anritsu contains both of these qualities, providing the safest and most efficient way to inspect food products. Setting a new standard for improving product quality and safety, READ MORE >


October 15, 2015

Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA is now ANRITSU INFIVIS INC. READ MORE >