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Metal Detection Documentation

Our Metal Contamination Detectors will detect even the tiniest bit of metal present in items and then eliminate the metal contamination. Our systems are built to protect your brand, your reputation and ultimately the consumers.

Technical Notes

Tips for the Effective Use of Metal Detection Technical Note - Environmental

Metal detectors are the most commonly used equipment for contaminant detection yet many users face "false detection". In this issue we explain the causes and solutions of "false detection" to help you effectively implement a reliable MD program.

Tips for the Effective use of Metal Detection Technical Note - Product Effect 

Metal detectors detect contaminants by catching the changes of magnetic fields in detection heads. The magnetic fields change by the effect of not only metals but also products themselves.

MD Phase and Auto Tracking Technical Note 

Technical Note Vol.4 discusses product effect as a factor contributing to false detection within metal detector technology and introduces the Anritsu DualWave Auto-Tracking function which prevents false detection by compensating for phase shift caused by product effect. This issue will explain what phase is all about and how Auto-Tracking function works on phase.

Product Brochures

Product Brochures 


Explanation Dual Wave Technology Exclusively from Anritsu

Anritsu Metal Detection Guide 

Metal Detection 101 - Anritsu 



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