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SLD (Super-luminescent Diode) SLD series

SLD (Super-luminescent Diode)

SLD series
• High optical output power
• Wide spectral half width
• Built-in monitor photo diode

Superluminescent Diodes bridge the gap between Laser Diodes and Light Emitting Diodes.

Like an LD, the SLD provides a high optical output power. Anritsu's SLD feature broadband spectrum characteristics, typically found only in LEDs, and a low coherence. Our SLD features a low coherence length having a high intensity at a narrow radiation angle. This makes the SLD much easier to couple to a fiber for a broad range of applications. SLDs are ideal for Optical Coherence Tomography, fiber sensors such as temperature and strain gauges as well as applications in test and measurement instrumentation.

Model Name Model Number Package Optical output power [mW/mA] Center Wavelength [nm] Spectral Width [nm] Max Temp [degree]
0.8µm SLD CANpdf AS8K215GY30M CAN 5/70 830 15 Tc=70
0.8µm SLD Modulepdf AS8E210GP30M Cylindrical 1/70 15
0.8µm SLD Modulepdf AS8B112G230M Butterfly 2/120 14
0.8µm SLD Modulepdf AS8B115G230M Butterfly 5/150 14
0.8µm SLD Modulepdf AS8B115L240M Butterfly 5/150 840 50
1.31µm SLD Modulepdf AS3B119GM10M Butterfly 15/400 1310 55 Tc=75
1.31µm SLD Cylindrical Modulepdf AS3E113HJ10M Cylindrical 3/250 1310 53 Tc=50
1.55µm SLD Modulepdf AS5B125EM50M Butterfly 25/500 1550 60 Tc=75
1.65µm SLD Modulepdf AS6B118GM50M Butterfly 10/350 1650 70 Tc=75