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Solutions for Social Issues

Solutions for Social Issues

Basic Concept

Anritsu seeks to share its future vision with customers and create value that is uniquely Anritsu toward its goal of addressing social issues in partnership with customers.

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Contributing to the Spread of IoT by Participating in Demonstration Tests and with New Products

IoT (Internet of Things) allows for the automatic or remote control of everyday items as well as communication devices such as computers by equipping our means of communication so that we can communicate among each other over the network. Telecommunications companies in Japan have been conducting demonstration tests with the intention of introducing IoT-related services in 2017. These tests include verification of connectivity and power consumption performance of IoT devices. Anritsu is participating in these tests and supporting verification processes by using MD8475A and MD8430A operating as pseudo base stations.

In addition to these efforts, the company supports the development and production of IoT devices by developing measurement instruments used for Bluetooth and WLAN, widely adopted standards for IoT networking.

Contributing to Food Safety and Security

Ensuring the stable supply of safe, secure products is a persistent challenge for the food and pharmaceutical industries, particularly in a society in which safety and security are top priority concerns and quality accidents can lead directly to a brand’s collapse. Consequently, there are increased efforts focused on undertaking thorough quality assurance measures and reducing costs to increase productivity.

Anritsu Infivis has been safeguarding the quality of food and pharmaceutical products for about 50 years. The company’s original technology, which started with a checkweigher with the differential transformer of a measuring instrument, has since evolved and been put to use for detecting metallic foreign matter and then X-ray inspection, thereby helping customers to solve problems.

The X-ray inspection system the company developed in 2000 for the first time in Japan is a total quality assurance solution that is not only capable of detecting contaminants but also of identifying product shape defects, inspecting packaging defects, and checking for missing products, and it has since been widely used by food manufacturers around the world.

Contributing to “Connected” Networks

Company use of WAN* has been expanding dramatically along with server consolidation and cloud use through the outsourcing of services due to growing awareness of information security. Ongoing progress in business globalization, which requires more frequent exchanges of massive volumes of data with overseas offices, is also driving WAN use.

However, many current WAN systems available for connecting a company’s global sites or multiple companies in a supply chain are subject to lengthy delays in data transmission, which decrease the efficiency of operations such as development and quality control while also driving up the time and cost of manufacturing.

The PureFlow® WSX is enabling us to build a high-speed yet reliable communications infrastructure between distant locations because of its unique capabilities for optimizing processes that would otherwise be time-consuming.

*WAN (Wide Area Network): A general term for a communications network linking locations that are geographically distant, such as domestic branches and overseas operation sites; the term is often used to refer to a network that is constructed and operated by a communications carrier, as compared to LAN (local area network), which is set up within one building.