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Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate Philanthropy


Anritsu contributes to society through its business operations while at the same time pursuing activities that benefit the development of the local community as a corporate citizen.

Community-based social contribution programs are at the center of these initiatives under the three pillars of “partnerships for educating youth”, “contributing to local communities” and “protecting the environment (biodiversity conservation)”, we carry out activities that our employees can participate in continuously.

Partnerships for Educating Youth

“Fun Science Laboratory” Sponsored by Atsugi City School Board, Kanagawa Prefecture

In order to make children more interested in Science, companies and universities in Atsugi city participate in the project of the Science lecture in the school. As the commissioned projects of Atsugi city, Anritsu have carried out the Science experiment in the primary school for the 4th grade of the primary school children. As for the battery which children use in daily life, we lectured on it and had an easy experiment with children.

Science Experiment
Fun Science Laboratory

Contributing to Local Communities

Anritsu Santa Bag

We set up the Anritsu Santa Bag during the Christmas season asking people to donate socks as part of the activities to commemorate as the Anritsu’s 120th anniversary since 2015. The initiative was launched after we learned from Atsugi City about the lack of new socks at child consultation centers. We were able to have 181 pairs of socks at the HQ and 36 pairs at the Koriyama site, and delivered them to the child consultation center.

The Anritsu Santa Bag
The Anritsu Santa Bag

Other Corporate Philanthropy

Anritsu Corporation (Japan)

  • “Let’s Make a Radio Together” program for children at Koriyama city, Fukushima Prefecture
  • Sponsorship: Anritsu Cup Atsugi City Invitational U-12 Soccer Competition, Atsugi City Kids’ Softball Competition, and Anritsu Cup Dodge ball Competition
  • Collecting Plastic Bottle Caps with the Amadera Industrial Park Council of Atsugi City
  • Community Cleanup Efforts
  • Cooperation by the Open a part of facilities and ground for the local sports event and educational events in HQ

Anritsu Company (U.S.A.)


  • North Texas Food Bank
  • YMCA
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • The Morgan Hill Agriculture Booster Club Second Harvest Food Bank
  • Morgan Hill Inclusive Playground Project
  • American Red Cross
  • National MS Society and many other associations

Supporting the Local Events

  • The Morgan Hill Freedom Fest
  • The Morgan Hill Mushroom Mardi Gras
  • The Morgan Hill Friday Night Music Series

Participation in the local community

  • Bike to Work Day (Employees go green and ride their bikes to work on this day in order to health enhancement, Contribution to reduction CO2, and avoidance the congestion)
    Bike to Work Day


  • American Red Cross Blood Drive (giving blood)
  • Make a Wish Come True Holiday Toy Drive (Donation of toys and clothes for local children)
    Make a Wish Come True Holiday Toy Drive

Anritsu EMEA Ltd. (U.K.)


  • Anritsu Giving Christmas Tree (for each food parcel that was collected, an employee wrote a tag that was attached to the Christmas Tree) etc.

Supporting the Local Events

  • Paris and Bucharest - employees supporting local marathon events etc.


  • Macmillan Coffee Morning in Aid of Macmillan nurses etc. (Cake Bake and Sale in Aid of MacMillan nurses in order to support people suffering from cancer)
    Macmillan Coffee Morning

Protecting the Environment (Biodiversity Conservation)

Mt. Fuji Green Fund Afforestation Campaign

Since 2006, Anritsu has been participating in the Mt. Fuji Green Fund afforestation activities at the invitation of Ricoh Leasing Co., Ltd. The activity is part of a grand, 80-year-long effort launched in 2000 for regenerating forests destroyed by a typhoon in 1996.

We pruned the branches of tall trees and cut vines to allow sunshine to reach the forest floor and to improve air movement, so that planted trees can grow. Children younger than elementary school age participated in a classroom in the woods to learn about the importance of trees while strolling through the area.

Mt. Fuji Green Fund Afforestation Campaign
Mt. Fuji Green Fund Afforestation Campaign