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Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development


At the Domestic Anritsu Group, we believe in the importance of being an organization in which employees feel they are contributing to society and their own growth through their work while working with enthusiasm toward achievement of the Company’s goals. With this in mind, we have remained committed to creating an environment supporting independent growth, and, in fiscal 2017, we reviewed and revised our traditional correspondence courses and Group training programs to align with the basic idea that they should choose what to study and study it voluntarily, and that they should know their own capabilities and strengths. The human resources development program common to all Domestic Anritsu Group companies supports career development in line with each employee’s lifestyle.

Activities for FY2017

  • Education and training activities
  • Global human resource development
  • Global training for the Test and Measurement business

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Under the Chief Human Resources and Administration Officer at Anritsu Corporation, the Human Resources Development Team in the Human Resources and Administration Department and the domestic Anritsu Group Human Resources Department create the employment plans and educational training systems in line with the goal of training human resources to contribute to Anritsu’s business and the development of a global society.

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