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Internal Control

Internal Control


The Anritsu Group’s internal control system is intended to raise the effectiveness and efficiency of Group management, ensure the validity of financial reporting and establish legal compliance. We are continuously improving and reinforcing the system to respond to the changing business content of the Anritsu Group and growing complexity and diversity of the business environment. This has enabled us to practice sound management activities sustained by a viable internal control system and strive to enhance corporate value.


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In the Anritsu Group, the Internal Control Committee, which deals with the validity of financial reporting, and the Corporate Ethics Promotion Committee, which oversees compliance and related committees for information management, promoting fair trade, export/import control, and environmental management, undertake the necessary deliberations, establish and operate internal control systems by implementing cross-Group information sharing and educational programs, and conduct activities to ensure viability.

On a global basis, the Anritsu Group has established a Global Internal Control Committee consisting of members of the internal control and promotion divisions in Europe, Asia, the United States, and Japan. This committee shares the current status of the response to risks inherent in the business activities and management issues in each region. They also support the incorporation of internal control procedures for all business processes and are conducting activities to develop an effective and efficient internal control system.

Furthermore, the Internal Audit Department of Anritsu Corporation and the other Group companies, directors elected as Audit Committee Members, and the Management Audit & Supervisory Committee conduct audits as part of their responsibility to evaluate the activities of these committees and the internal control system and to offer recommendations to related organizations.