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Optical Spectrum Analyzer MS9740A

The Optical Spectrum Analyzer MS9740A reduces the total time from waveform sweeping to data transfer to external control equipment and supports simple analysis procedures, offering excellent cost performance and better productivity.

Brochure pdf 4.1 MB 14/02/2019

MS9740A Optical Spectrum Analyzer Operation Manual

The MS9740A Optical Spectrum Analyzer measures the power distribution (spectrum) of optical wavelengths.

Operations Manual pdf 4.6 MB Version: 21 25/07/2018

MS9740A Optical Spectrum Analyzer Remote Control Operation Manual

The remote control function sends commands via the communications interface from the remote control PC to set the measuring instrument and read the measurement results and measuring instrument conditions.

Operations Manual pdf 2.0 MB Version: 11 25/07/2018

Total Solution for Optical Module Evaluation

Total Solution for Optical Module Evaluation / reduce Inspection Times and Improves Productivity MP2100B BERTWave MS9740A Optical Spectrum Analyzer.

Leaflet pdf 636.6 KB 04/04/2016

Optical Spectrum Analyzer MS9740A New function introduction

This material explain the new functions added by version 1.4.00 of the MS9740A software.

Product Introduction pdf 786.3 KB 17/07/2014

Optical Spectrum Analyzer MS9740A

Product Introduction for the Optical Spectrum Analyzer MS9740A

Product Introduction pdf 1.6 MB Version: 1.0 21/02/2014

MS9740A Remote Tools Package

Development and manufacturing of optical devices and modules generally requires control of measuring instruments using remote commands from an external PC. The MS9740A Remote Tools Package supports easy creation of remote command sequences.

Leaflet pdf 289.8 KB 21/02/2014

Optical Bandpass Filter Measurement Solution

Fast evaluation of optical devices requires short inspection times using high-efficiency measuring equipment. To solve this problem, the MS9740A adds a new WDM Filter analysis function supporting group display for optical bandpass filters, such as WSS and WDM Filter devices.

Leaflet pdf 261.8 KB 21/02/2014

Remote Tool Package

These reference materials has remote tool package and explain the equipment connections and system setup.

Quick Start Guide zip 61.3 MB 20/02/2014

MS9740A-009 Multimode fiber interface (50/62.5 μm) Operation Manual

The MS9740A-009 is a modified option of the MS9740A.

Operations Manual pdf 227.6 KB 24/05/2013

Evaluation Solution for Optical Elements and MM Fibers

The MS9740A-009 Multimode Fiber Interface Option uses a GI fiber with a core diameter of 62.5 µm in the input section, suppressing reflections and supporting stable spectrum measurements in systems using either 50 or 62.5-µm fiber probes. As an extra benefit, the various sensitivity settings assure the optimum sweep speed for the user's measurement environment.

Leaflet pdf 345.8 KB 12/06/2012

Optical Amplifier (EDFA) Characteristics Evaluation

Optical Amplifier NF/Gain Measurements with MS9740A Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Application Note pdf 1.3 MB 11/11/2011

Still Satisfied with MS9710B/C?

The MS9740A user interface and processing speed are greatly improved with five times faster measurement than earlier conventional models. Moreover, new analysis functions make WDM measurements much easier. Additionally, the new MS9740A design is even more robust and reliable.

Leaflet pdf 197.5 KB 09/06/2011

Tunable XFP Measurement Application

Tunable XFP modules have become the focus of recent interest due to their size, cost, power consumption, and usability considerations. They are expected to become very important transceiver devices in future optical communications.

Leaflet pdf 211.7 KB 09/06/2011

50/125-μm Multi-Mode Optical Fiber Connection

Product Introduction for the 50/125-μm Multi-Mode Optical Fiber Connection MS9740A Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Product Introduction pdf 326.5 KB Version: 1.0 19/02/2010

Total Solution for Optical Module Evaluation

Total Solution for Optical Module Evaluation / reduce Inspection Times and Improves Productivity MP2100A BERTWave MS9740A Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Leaflet pdf 1.6 MB Version: 1.0 19/02/2010

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MS9740A Software

The files in the folder are as follows:
Software update files
Download manual
Release note
Operation Manual/v21.0
Remote Operation Manual/v11.0
SCPI Remote Operation Manual/v3.0
Labview Driver

MD5 : df1c1fb46db548a7c4c5eac1ad5b57f7

Drivers, Software Downloads zip 23.3 MB Version: 1.05.10 04/09/2018

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