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Precision RF & Microwave Components Catalog

Anritsu is the leader of high frequency microwave connector technology and is driven by an ongoing commitment to exceed customer needs. Anritsu created and trademarked the K Connector with coverage to 40 GHz, along with a complete family of 40 GHz test equipment. It was an immediate success and today is used on many commercial components, test fixtures, and defense systems. P/N: 11410-00235

Catalog pdf 13.3 MB Version: AA 01/09/2020

Antennas and Antenna Kits

This Technical data sheet includes the GPS, Yagi, Horn, Mag Mount, Wideband, Log Periodic, Whip, Bi-Blade, and Loop antennas. P/N: 11410-00376

Datasheet pdf 3.9 MB Version: T 09/06/2020

Spectrum Analyzer Measurement Guide

This Measurement Guide describes the test and measurement functions of Anritsu RF and Microwave Handheld Instruments. Basic spectrum analyzer functions are included with most Anritsu handheld instruments. P/N: 10580-00349

Measurement Guide pdf 21.8 MB Version: P 28/04/2020

InterferenceHunter Technical Data Sheet

This broadband, easy-to-use handheld direction finding antenna system includes everything you need to find the sources of signals. With a broadband preamplifier, the system is sensitive. With a GPS receiver, it knows where it is. With the electronic compass it knows where it is aimed. With an antenna attached, the InterferenceHunter captures a direction and signal level when the user presses the trigger on the ergonomic handle. P/N: 11410-00692

Datasheet pdf 2.3 MB Version: F 05/03/2019

Bandpass Filters For Interference and PIM Hunting Antenna Systems Technical Data Sheet

The Anritsu bandpass filters in this series are designed to be used with the handheld MA2700 InterferenceHunter direction finding system. The bands offered cover common cellular uplink frequencies. P/N: 11410-00719

Datasheet pdf 2.4 MB Version: D 25/07/2018

Anritsu RF and Microwave Handheld Analyzers Solution Poster

Poster showcasing the RF and Microwave Handheld analyzers options. Features Cable and Antenna Analyzers, Base Station Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers, Vector Network Analyzers, and PIM Analyzers. P/N: 11410-00571

Brochure pdf 262.8 KB Version: P 24/04/2018

Interference Hunting: 4 Steps to Success Brochure

This solution brochure covers the four steps to success when interference hunting, as well as which Anritsu product/solution is suitable for each step in the process. P/N: 11410-00900

Brochure pdf 2.5 MB Version: B 22/02/2018

InterferenceHunter™ MA2700A Maintenance Manual

This manual provides maintenance instructions for Anritsu’s InterferenceHunter MA2700A.

Maintenance Manual pdf 4.4 MB Version: B 30/08/2017

Handheld Directional Finding System Declaration of Conformity

The Handheld Directional Finding System Declaration of Conformity is a special document issued by Anritsu to state that the product meets all of the applicable legislation and European directives. P/N: 10101-00046

Datasheet pdf 23.5 KB Version: A 09/06/2017

Mobile Interference Hunting System Application Note

Interference from both illegal and unintentional signals is a significant problem for mobile service providers, security services and government regulators. Interference can often degrade network performance, causing critical communications to be interrupted. Locating these sources of interference has traditionally been labor intensive and time consuming. Traditional methods include manually making numerous measurements from multiple locations using a directional antenna. Triangulation is then used to approximate the signal location. This process is then iterated a number of times until the interferer is precisely located.

Application Note pdf 4.9 MB Version: B 21/04/2017

RF Interference Hunting Concepts Application Note

The first indicators of interference are noisy links, for analog systems. Legacy AM and FM systems indicate interference problems by various noises. Hiss, hum, or even voices from other transmissions can be heard. For digital transmissions, such as HDTV, cellular, or P25, interference shows up as limited range, dropped calls, or low data rate. That familiar waterfall sound on your cellular phone indicates poor reception and a high bit error rate, which might be caused by interference. P/N: 11410-00972

Application Note pdf 3.3 MB Version: A 27/09/2016

Using Anritsu’s Handheld InterferenceHunter MA2700A

This paper covers how to use the MA2700A Handheld InterferenceHunter to locate interference through direction finding. The process of creating maps for the spectrum analyzer, selecting antennas and pre-filters, where to start looking for the interference, spectrum analyzer setup, taking bearings, and interpreting the results is explained. In addition, “last block” strategies for finding signals once we know we are close to the source is discussed. P/N: 11410-00973

White Paper pdf 465.8 KB Version: A 30/08/2016

Interference Hunting Poster

With the rapid expansion of wireless communications, the need for robust networks relatively free of interference continues to grow. Capacity is degraded by the presence of illegal or unlicensed signals that interfere with legitimate transmissions. These signals can be periodic or be present at different frequencies over time, making the discovery and removal of these sources of interference a significant challenge. P/N: 11410-00938

Brochure pdf 28.5 MB Version: A 10/06/2016

Identifying and Locating Cable TV Interference

A Primer for Public Safety Engineers and Cellular Operators. This application note outlines how to spot and fix interference that radiates from Cable TV systems. P/N: 11410-00907

Application Note pdf 3.7 MB Version: B 20/01/2016

Spectrum Monitoring Techniques

Spectrum monitoring has long been an established tool for spectrum management. The move to digital modulations and the drive to an “always connected” society have made the need for spectrum monitoring even more important. Monitoring can help resolve issues in the areas of interference, capacity, and reliability, and help regulate unlicensed use of the spectrum. A well thought out spectrum monitoring tool, such as an Anritsu spectrum analyzer, is essential for this task. With a variety of sweep modes, Burst Detect, essential warning messages, task automation, and full remote control over Ethernet, Anritsu spectrum analyzers are well suited to this task. Anritsu is prepared to assist you with your spectrum monitoring tasks and needs.

Application Note pdf 6.1 MB Version: A 19/03/2015

InterferenceHunter™ MA2700A User Guide

This user guide provides an overview of the Anritsu Interference Hunter MA2700A Handheld Direction Finding System.

User Guide pdf 3.1 MB Version: C 03/04/2014

MA2700A Interference Hunter Online Help System

This online help system provides an overview of the Interference Hunter MA2700A Handheld Direction Finding System. The MA2700A allows easy-to-use handheld direction finding and includes an internal preamplifier, a GPS receiver, and an electronic compass. Connected to an Anritsu instrument, and with a directional antenna attached, the MA2700A captures location and interfering signal information when the trigger is pressed. The captured location and bearing data can be displayed on the instrument (Option 25 and SPA module V6.00 or higher required). [P/N: 10450-00041]

Online Help System htm 1.4 KB Version: B 27/03/2013

Interference Troubleshooting Guide

Utilizing Anritsu's Handheld BTS Master MT8222A/21B, Cell Master MT8212E/13E or Spectrum Master MS2721B/23B/24B with Options 25/27/31 and Master Software Tools.

Troubleshooting Guides pdf 2.5 MB Version: C 14/01/2010

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