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LD Module in Butterfly Package with Unprecedented Output Introduced by Anritsu

AF4B150F Series with 500 mW Output Reduces Size and Cost, Increases Reliability of EDFAs used in Rich-content Distribution Services

Anritsu Device Company Ltd. introduces the AF4B150F Series, 1.48- m LD modules that deliver an industry best 500 mW output power in an industry standard butterfly package. The high output of the AF4B150F Series, as well as its overall performance and reliability, make it well suited to serve as a pumping light source for EDFAs (Er Doped Fiber Amplifiers) used as repeaters in rich-content distribution services, including optical CATV and Gigabit Ethernet-Passive Optical Network (GE-PON) systems.

Because the AF4B150F Series provides unprecedented output power, it can be used as a replacement for multiple pumping light sources used in conventional EDFA designs. The result is EDFAs that are smaller in size, more reliable, consume less power, and are more cost effective. Furthermore, the AF4B150F is fully compliant with the EU RoHS Directive to assure environmentally safe use.

Anritsu used its long experience in optical device R&D and manufacturing technologies to develop the AF4B150F Series. Since these modules use the industry standard 14-pin butterfly package commonly adopted for pumping light sources, manufacturers can easily drop a single AF4B150F module into high-output EDFAs without altering designs. Additionally, because the AF4B150F modules offer high output power, they also have applications in endurance testing of passive optical devices, as well as in non-communications applications such as optical fiber power supplies, as a light source for sensors/instruments, and light detection and ranging (LiDAR) applications.

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