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Anritsu Company Enhances Broadband Vector Network Analyzer to Address Demanding mm Wave Test Applications

Lightning Broadband VNA has Industry's Highest Output Power and Improved Calibration Stability for Accurate Measurement of Active and Passive Devices


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Anritsu Company enhances its Lightning Broadband ME7808C vector network analyzer (VNA) that further solidifies the ME7808C’s position as the best solution for characterizing devices over a wide 40 MHz – 110 GHz frequency range. The VNA has been redesigned so that it provides the industry’s highest output power to drive active and passive components at optimum measurement levels and improved calibration stability so that the broadband VNA can satisfy the most demanding measurement needs.

Engineers can realize more accurate analysis on their devices, whether it is coaxial or demanding on-wafer environments, by using the ME7808C. Among the design enhancements made to the ME7808C are relocating the couplers inside the multiplex combiners, improved Kelvin design bias tees, better RF and LO stability, and greater short-term and long-term calibration and measurement stability. The system now includes an option providing direct access to the samplers for improved raw directivity and calibration while optimizing system dynamic range.

The new multiplexing coupler/combiner allows all essential DC signals and RF sampling to be in close proximity to the device under test (DUT), further improving raw directivity as well as increasing measurement system stability. Designed into the multiplexing modules are the Kelvin bias tees for enhanced performance and sensitivity. The ME7808C has also been designed with improved phase stable cables for better calibration and measurement stability.

The ME7808C delivers significantly improved performance due to the enhancements. It can provide up to -13 dBm of power across the entire 40 MHz – 110 GHz frequency range, which is 9 dB better than competitive models. Power output is a significant factor in measurement accuracy because losses between the coax output port and the probe tips can be dramatic.

Another advantage of the ME7808C is that Anritsu includes System Assembly and Verification service at no charge. With the service, customers are ensured that the system will be operational and verified for expected coaxial performance and accuracy in a minimal amount of time.

The ME7808C can be configured for three completely independent configurations; 40 MHz - 110 GHz 1 mm broadband coaxial system, 65 GHz V connector coaxial system, and 65 GHz to 110 GHz extended W Band waveguide mm wave system. The system may also be upgraded to include a full range of banded mm wave modules, which can be used to extend the frequency range beyond 110 GHz in stand-alone waveguide bands. In addition, it is now possible to extend the maximum waveguide frequency range up to 500 GHz in WR-2.2 waveguide.

Delivery is 6 to 8 weeks ARO.

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