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Anritsu eNewsletter- Issue #7-July 2006


Anritsu eNewsletter - Issue #7 - June 2006

Issue #7, July 2006  

Heavy Reading's report in December 2004 stated "2006-2007 will be critical for technology and service development in FMC."
Optical News
GPON Provides the Features and Price to make FTTx Real for Carriers
IP News
IMS Seen as Key Technology for Fixed-mobile Convergence
Microwave/RF News
RF Auctions Increase Need for Spectrum Analysis in the Field
Wireless News
Bluetooth Market Expected to See Continued Growth in '06
Autotestcon: Sept 18-21, Anaheim, CA
Mobile Broadband Americas: Oct 17-20, Las Vegas, NV
Milcom: Oct 23-25, Washington, DC
SC: Nov 14-16, Tampa, FL


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2006: The Year of Fixed-mobile Convergence•

Fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) has been a buzz term for a few years. The recently-announced proposed $67 million merger between AT&T and BellSouth is viewed by some as a sign that the future is now when it comes FMC.

If that is the case, many crystal balls will prove to be correct. For example, Heavy Reading’s report in December 2004 stated 2006-2007 will be critical for technology and service development in FMC. Many other analysts who have been writing about FMC over the years opined similar timeframes.

ABI Research has taken a present day look at FMC, releasing a study in March that forecasts at least a tenfold increase in enterprise FMC subscribers and revenues between 2006 and 2010. The report cited many factors in making this determination, including British Telecom’s recent announcement of its new converged telephone service aimed at small to medium-sized enterprises.

The question is – are customers really interested in FMC• Like most other things, it depends on who you ask. One CEO who commented on the AT&T/BellSouth deal was quoted as saying he was looking forward to working with an infrastructure provider that can offer it all. Others were not so positive, recalling how difficult the telecommunications business used to be when there was AT&T – and only AT&T.

Service provider consolidation may be helpful to the implementation of FMC but it may be detrimental to many other telecommunications companies. Fewer providers means fewer potential customers for suppliers, including those companies that make components, devices, and systems. Test manufacturers may also be affected, as companies offering FMC and those who are using FMC networks will look to align themselves with test providers who have experience in wireline, wireless, and IP.

Only time will tell how it will all shake out but Anritsu is poised to offer innovative test solutions for FMC. In fact, Anritsu has products for
wireline, wireless, and IP applications as well as service assurance. Just click on a tab to find out more.

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