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Launch of Ultra-Compact 56-Gbaud Linear Amplifier


AG5PB6P 56Gbaud Differential Linear Amplifier

Anritsu Corporation (President Hirokazu Hamada) has started commercial sales of the company’s AG5PB6P 56-Gbaud differential linear amplifier*1 on June 1.

The AG5PB6P is an ultra-compact differential linear amplifier in a 5 x 5-mm package for amplifying 56-Gbaud PAM4*2 signals up to 3 Vpp. Degraded 56-Gbaud PAM4 waveforms suffering attenuation due to cable and propagation path losses can be corrected using the amplifier’s built-in 15-dB peaking adjustment function. Additionally, with a variable amplification function from –12 to 15 dB, this package can tune the levels of signals from different propagation paths.

Anritsu expects high market demand for its ultra-compact 56-Gbaud PAM4 signal differential linear amplifier, supporting high-quality waveforms to play a key role in further network speed increases.

Development Background

Communications data traffic levels have exploded recently due to the spread of smartphones and cloud computing services. The 53-Gbaud PAM4 modulation method is being deployed widely following adoption of the next-generation 400GbE standard for optical communications. Since PAM4 signaling transmits two bits of data per symbol, a linear amplifier is required for faithful amplification of PAM4 signals. With 400GbE expected to become the mainstream standard for future optical communications, a wideband differential linear amplifier that can amplify high-speed signals at 53 Gbaud or faster is required for various scenarios. In particular, linear amplifiers in semiconductor testers and measuring instruments must be both compact and have waveform-correction functions.

In these circumstances, Anritsu developed its AG5PB6P differential linear amplifier with variable peaking amplification function for 56-Gbaud PAM4 front-end IF configurations.

Product Outline

This package supports high-speed 56-Gbaud and high-output (3 Vpp differential) data transfers with a maximum power consumption of only 1.8 W.

Despite being just 5 x 5 mm, this QFN ceramic package with differential I/O interface includes a variable amplification function up to 27 dB as well as a waveform-correction function with an adjustable range of 15 dB.


Target Markets and Applications

Target Markets
Semiconductor testers, measuring instrument makers
Evaluation of high-speed optical devices, High-speed multi-value pulse testers [Technical Terms]

Technical Terms

*1 Linear Amplifier
Amplifier for driving multi-value signals; instead of two signal values of 0 and 1, multi-value modulation requires faithful high-linearity amplification of intermediate values between 0 and 1.
*2 PAM4
PAM is the abbreviation for Pulse Amplitude Modulation, which increases data transfer capacity using amplitude modulation. PAM4 uses four-value amplitude modulation.

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