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3656 Series W1 Calibration kit

W1 Calibration kit

3656 Series

The Anritsu Calibration kits contain all the precision components and tools required to calibrate your VNA or VNMS for 12-term error-corrected measurements in the connector style of your choice. Components are included for calibrating male and female test ports as required. The kits support calibration with opens, shorts, and broadband loads.

  • 23W50-1 Male Offset Short (2.02 mm)
  • 23W50-2 Male Offset Short (2.65 mm)
  • 23W50-3 Male Offset Short (3.180 mm)
  • 23WF50-1 Female Offset Short (2.02 mm)
  • 23FW50-2 Female Offset Short (2.65 mm)
  • 23WF50-3 Female Offset Short (3.180 mm)
  • 24W50 Male Open (1.510 mm)
  • 24WF50 Female Open (1.930 mm)
  • 28W50 Male Broadband Termination
  • 28WF50 Female Broadband Termination
  • 33WSC50 Fixed Male SC Connector
  • 33WFSC50 Fixed Female SC Connector
  • Interchangeable Slider, SC Connectors
  • Locking Keys, SC Connectors
  • 33WW50 Male-Male Adapter
  • 33WWF50 Male-Female Adapter
  • 33WFWF50 Female-Female Adapter
  • 18WWF50-1B Stepped Impedance Thruline (Verification Device)
  • 18WWF50-1 50 Ohms Matched Thruline (Verification Device)
  • 01-504 6 mm Torque Wrench
  • 01-505 6-7 mm End Wrench
  • Calibration coefficients diskette
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