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Disclosure of Sustainability Information

We publish CSR Report 2016 in PDF format to report our CSR activities for fiscal 2015. Having been organized under the 12 material issues identified through a materiality assessment conducted in 2008, the concrete status of activities is presented in this report for communicating our CSR activities to more stakeholders.

CSR Report 2016

CSR Report 2016 All pages (PDF:9.50MB)

Goal 1 Contributing to Build a Safe, Secure, and Comfortable Society

Goal 2 Maintaining Harmony with the Global Socio-Economy

Goal 3 Promoting Global Environmental Protection

Goal 4 Promoting Communications

Reporting Period, Boundary, Inquiries

This report covers the period from April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016, and also includes some activities before and after that period.

This report covers Anritsu Corporation only or the Anritsu Group Companies, according to subject and definitions as follows:
・“Anritsu” or “Anritsu Group” refers to both Anritsu Corporation and the entire Anritsu Group.
・“Anritsu Corporation” refers to Anritsu Corporation in Japan only.
・“Group Company (or Companies)” refers to a group company (or companies) or all group companies, excluding Anritsu Corporation in either case.

Guidelines used as reference:ISO 26000:2010, GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (G4)

Date of issue: September 30, 2016
(The next CSR report is scheduled for release in September 2017)

Independent Review / Response to Independent Review

Independent Review

Daisuke Goto, ideaship
Daisuke Goto
Representative Director
ideaship Inc.

The Anritsu Group has been steadily advancing each year to enhance its CSR report. In this year’s report, we were presented with the new concept of ”Social Innovations Where Everyone Wins.” Under this idea, Anritsu seeks to maintain a firm grip on current social needs and technological progress to provide innovative solutions that generate value for all. While this is an approach that rests on the accumulated results of the initiatives it has pursued for over 120 years, it also signifies a new step forward. This is a natural extension of the Anritsu Group’s company philosophy and stance, the resources that characterize its business activities, and trends in the external environment, and it instills great expectations among readers.

Such a challenge must be sustained by a system of corporate governance. Anritsu Corporation made its transition into a Company with an Audit Committee in June 2015, and the fact that it has begun to report on its assessment of the effectiveness of its system together with the results offers us a premonition of a future in which the Anritsu Group will continue to achieve steady progress. As it continues to examine the content of its reporting in the coming years and communicate improvements in its corporate governance, that premonition will no doubt become a certainty for many stakeholders.

I would like to suggest reviewing the content from the readers’ standpoint, which should be a comparatively easy improvement to make for the Anritsu Group, which has consistently enhanced its CSR report over the years. For example, offering an appropriately placed explanation of its Atsugi and Tohoku sites—their offices, activities and relative importance to overall operations—would deepen the understanding of readers. I think there is also room for improvement in the way the report explains the background for initiatives and how issues are identified.

From a longer term perspective, Anritsu could consider further innovation in its CSR report. Perhaps it is time for Anritsu to begin conceiving the next stage of its CSR reporting, based on perspectives that include decisions on: (1) how to track progress with respect to the future direction envisioned for the Anritsu Group, (2) the nature of mid- to longterm risks and opportunities, and (3) the appropriate disclosure of information in a manner befitting a global enterprise.

Response to Independent Review

We have been guided by Mr. Goto, Representative Director of ideaship Inc., since the start of our CSR Department. Anritsu has always sought to offer solutions for social issues through its business, based on the technology and know-how accumulated over the 120 years of its history. This renews our motivation to receive high marks for our CSR management to date and expectations for future CSR activities.

We will be mindful of reviewing content from the standpoint of readers as we strive to incorporate his suggestions regarding reporting on efforts to strengthen our internal systems of corporate governance and describing the background of our initiatives and recognition of issues.

We will review our CSR from a fresh perspective and share social issues by communicating with stakeholders as we continue to strive for solutions.

CSR・CS Promotion Team, Corporate Communication Department
Anritsu Corporation

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