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Communication with Stakeholders



Anritsu recognizes the importance of delivering prompt technical support to customers and quickly responding to complaints. The company is also establishing systems for support focused on the future and global information sharing so that it can provide safety and security to customers.

●Mobile World Congress 2014

Anritsu participates in numerous tradeshows to deepen customer understanding of Group products.At the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain, the world’s largest tradeshow for wireless communication, we exhibited our latest LTE measurement solutions that are contributing to the popularity of mobile broadband services. The solutions and technologies we showcased encompass the entire spectrum, from the development and manufacturing of mobile devices to base stations and monitoring.

We also demonstrated LTE-Advanced at a well-received exhibit with two of our customers—leading vendors in the chipset industry—providing support with their mobile phone devices.

Shareholders and Investors

We are proactively disclosing information and encouraging interactive communication to more effectively meet the needs of shareholders and investors and applying their feedback to improve our business and IR activities.

●Disclosure Policy

Anritsu will disclose accurate information at any time to every stakeholders with good faith and positive attitude by observing the related laws.

Action policy
  1. Anritsu will disclose accurate information
    • in clear and plain speech
    • actively with timely and promptness; and
    • broadly with equality
  2. Anritsu will place a strict control on information management and strive to prevent insider trading.

●System for Investor Relation Activities

In its communications with shareholders and investors, Anritsu Corporation strives to achieve higher shareholder satisfaction by transparently conveying its corporate value in stock prices and return to shareholders. To this end, we conduct IR activities under the leadership of the IR Promotion Team of the Corporate Communication Department. Comments by shareholders and investors are shared with our Information Disclosure Committee, which includes members of management, and at the IR Promotion Meeting along with information on the participation of those responsible for IR activities in the Management Strategy Center, Accounting and Control and Legal Departments. This feedback is also used for improving information disclosure and business activities.

Please visit "Investor Relations" for more information

●Recognition by External Organizations

In fiscal 2013, Anritsu received the “Corporate Value Improvement Award,” an Excellence Award from the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. The award is given to companies for management practices that enhance corporate value from the standpoint of investors and contribute to increasing the appeal of the securities market. Anritsu was highly commended for the sincerity of our information disclosure as well as our efforts in corporate management and finance.

We also received the “Integrity Award,” which recognized Anritsu for its excellence in corporate social responsibility, compliance and internal control. In addition, we were selected for the FTSE4Good Index, a globally recognized SRI benchmark.

Business Partners

Strengthening trust with business partners is vital to achieving mutual growth. We value forging even stronger partnerships involving the participation of our business partners in meeting society’s expectations and needs through the operations of the entire supply chain.

●Business Partner Gathering

On January 15, 2014, we hosted a business partner gathering that drew 272 representatives of 128 Anritsu business partners from Japan and overseas. We shared a progress report on initiatives related to our “2020 VISION” and our mid-term business plan, confirmed Anritsu’s resolve to promote global CSR procurement, and requested their understanding and cooperation.


The increasing globalization of our businesses and diversification of work styles have raised the importance of respect for human rights and the promotion of diversity. Moreover, from the perspectives of recruiting human resources and revitalizing internal communications, we are emphasizing systems and workplace environments that allow diverse personnel to work in comfort.

●Labor Union

The Labor Union of Anritsu Corporation strives to realize sustainable, profitable growth of the entire Anritsu Corporation Group through its efforts on the level of the labor‐management council. At the same time it also tries to enhance and strengthen the organizational framework, realize the comfort and affluence of its members' daily lives and contribute to society. The Labor Union is composed of the workers of Anritsu Corporation, Anritsu Networks Co., Ltd. and Anritsu Customer Support Co., Ltd. and their participation rate is approximately 100%.

On the 22nd of November 2013, the company's no overtime day, we organized a mochi pounding charity event as part of our reconstruction support for Great East Japan Earthquake, in cooperation with the labor management council. We used the food and material from the northeastern region for the event and we donated the profit generated by selling the mochi at the charity event, 100,756 yen, to Japan Platform (Non-profit organization). On another note, we also organized a futsal gathering. 45 employees participated in the gathering and the employees could get to know each other well while doing activities together such as forming a team through lottery.

NGOs and NPOs

In addition to contributing to society through our business activities, Anritsu also pursues activities that support regional development as a member of the regional community.

In November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan inflicted severe damage in the Philippines, and donations totaling 1,405,104 yen were collected from Anritsu employees to support people affected by the disaster. Including an additional donation from the company, a total of 5 million yen was donated to NGOs working on site through the Japan Platform, a non-profit public corporation.We will continue to contribute to society through collaborations with international NGOs and NPOs.

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