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Providing Information and Communicating with Stakeholders

Communication with Stakeholders


Anritsu establishes good partnerships with stakeholders by providing disclosure information in an appropriate and timely manner and ensuring transparent, fair, prompt, and resolute decision making to its various stakeholders.


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Shareholders and Investors

We are proactively disclosing information and encouraging interactive communication to build relationships of trust with shareholders and investors and applying their feedback to improve our business and IR activities.

Disclosure Policy
Anritsu is committed to proactively disclosing accurate information to stakeholders in a manner that is sincere and fair and in compliance with the related laws.

Action Policy

  1. Anritsu will disclose accurate information
    • in clear and plain speech
    • actively and promptly; and
    • broadly with and equally.
  2. Anritsu will place a strict control on information management and strive to prevent insider trading.

System for Investor Relations Activities

Anritsu seeks to obtain an appropriate assessment of its corporate value through communication with shareholders and investors while striving to achieve higher shareholder satisfaction by enhancing corporate value and delivering returns to shareholders. To this end, we carry out IR activities under the leadership of the IR Department. Comments by shareholders and investors are shared with our Management Strategic Conference and the Information Disclosure Committee, which includes members of management, to be used for improving information disclosure and business activities.

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