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Sustainability Report 2016
Continuous Growth with Sustainable Society
We publish CSR Report 2016 in PDF format to report our CSR activities for fiscal 2015. Having been organized under the 12 material issues identified through a materiality assessment conducted in 2008, the concrete status of activities is presented in this report for communicating our CSR activities to more stakeholders.
Top Commitment
Implementing “Envision : Ensure” to Create Social Innovations Where Everyone Wins
Stakeholder Dialogue
Anritsu’s CSR - Now and into the Future
Over the years, we have sought to identify Anritsu’s CSR issues by maintaining a dialogue with experts representing stakeholders outside the company. In our latest discussion, we examined the current state and future course of our CSR initiatives based on the keywords of human rights, supply chain and global expansion.
Anritsu's Business Outline
The Anritsu Group business is woven into everyday life
Anritsu provides solutions for a safe and secure society
Connecting, monitoring and detecting...
Anritsu supports everyday life and business in a variety of areas, including information communication, food processing, pharmaceuticals and image monitoring for a safer, more secure and comfortable society.

2016/09/30 Release of CSR Report 2016

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CSR Report 2016

CSR Report 2016 All pages (PDF:9.50MB) / Click here for the past Sustainability Report

・Company Philosophy, Company Vision, Company Policy (PDF:182KB)
・About this report (PDF:38.1KB)
・Company Profile (PDF:188KB)
・Top Commitment (PDF:212KB)
・Brand Message (PDF:238KB)
・Company Profile (PDF:0.98MB)
・CSR at Anritsu (PDF:151KB)
・CSR management (PDF:47.3KB)
・CSR Results for Fiscal 2015, CSR Objectives for Fiscal 2016 (PDF:71.7KB)
・Stakeholder Dialogue (PDF:570KB)
・Corporate Governance (PDF:81.5KB)
・GRI Guidelines Index (PDF:87.0KB)
・Independent Review / Response to the Independent Review (PDF:84.7KB)

Goal 1 Contributing to Build a Safe, Secure, and Comfortable Society

・Service to Customers (PDF:313KB)
・Solutions for Social Issues (PDF:1.10MB)
・Response to Social Expectations (PDF:133KB)

Goal 2 Maintaining Harmony with the Global Socio-Economy

・Establishment of Compliance (PDF:176KB)
・Promotion of Risk Management (PDF:317KB)
・Supply Chain Management (PDF:159KB)
・Respect for Human Rights and Promotion of Diversity (PDF:141KB)
・Human Resource Development (PDF:208KB)
・Labor Safety and Health (PDF:421KB)
・Promotion of Social Contribution Activities (PDF:435KB)

Goal 3 Promoting Global Environmental Protection

・Promoting Global Environmental Protection (PDF:2.60MB)

Goal 4 Promoting Communications

・Communication with Customers (PDF:242KB)
・Communication with Shareholders and Investors (PDF:84.1KB)
・Communication with Business Partners (PDF:60.6KB)
・Communication with NGOs and NPOs (PDF:210KB)
・Communication with Employees (PDF:210KB)


Based on its environmental principles, Anritsu establishes an environmental management system to prevent global warming and to create a recycling-oriented society and to reduce toxic substances throughout the life cycles of its products.


Anritsu will forge a relationship of trust with society by strengthening its foundation as an ethical company, and contribute to solving social issues by providing Original and High Level technologies.


Anritsu strives to create an environment and structure in which corporate governance functions effectively, so it can consistently increase its corporate value by offering a flexible and speedy response to changes in the operating environment.

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