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Career at Anritsu
Employing more than 3,500 employees across facilities in 18 countries, our people are the driving force behind the development of our organisation and the foundation of the development of our future strategies. Anritsu is committed to providing a career platform for a wide range of professionals in a variety of roles.
Our People
We encourage a culture of trust and integrity within our teams, enabling individuals to grow and develop their skills and experience. We keep innovation at the center of our activities, built upon the wide knowledge base of our employees, and use this to ensure we continue to be a leader in the global market.
Compensation & Benefits
At Anritsu we value you by offering an attractive salary and additional local benefits, along with modern working conditions across all our regions. Our aim is supporting you in achieving a satisfactory work-life balance that helps you manage your career and your family life. We take pride in rewarding results achieved at both individual and at team level.
We recognise the key role of learning and development in optimising the Company’s effectiveness as well as in meeting the aspirations of our employees. The Company seeks to maximise individual contribution at all levels by providing appropriate opportunities for personal and professional development.

Please take a moment to visit our job board. We are always looking to enhance our teams across the region.

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