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Duration: 00:07:47
Release Date: 12/11/2019

Multi Channel Indoor and Outdoor RF coverage with the MS2090A Spectrum Analyzer

This video describes how to associate the Anritsu MS2090A spectrum analyzer and the NEON tracker device of TRX Systems. A real example of 7 RF channels in the 2100MHz band is provided so that the user would understand how he would be able to use the NEON tracker both indoor and outdoor to perform RF coverage measurements with the MS2090A connected to an Android device (over WiFi). Since the MS2090A is the newest generation of high performance handheld spectrum analyzer, it can be used as a fast RF channel scanner due to its fast acquisition hardware and processing features. Using the MS2090A as a RF channel scanner allows the user to make RF power measurements on different frequencies one after the other while walking in a building or outdoor to start creating a heat map of the recevied frequencies. The video example also shows how the operate with the NEON Command software on the laptop side to get measurements displayed with all indoor and outdoor measurement positions being stored automatically. All the measurements of the MS2090A can be selected individually to be displayed to get their respective 2D or 3D heat map RF coverage in addition to the WiFi or cellular technologies (LTE, 3G) that can be mapped depending on the features supported by the Android device used during the measurement session.

  • Ease of use of the MS2090A to be configured to connect to an Android WiFi hot spot : no cabling between the MS2090A and the Android device.
  • Fast measurements of the MS2090A to perform channel power measurements sequentially
  • Understanding more in details the kind of features the user can find in NEON Command PC software
  • 2D and 3D RF coverage mapping with heat map
  • A single solution both for indoor and outdoor measurements
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