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Duration: 00:01:38
Release Date: 25/03/2014

Interference Hunting System: Spectrum Master Plus InterferenceHunter

Spectrum Master and InterferenceHunter...


The first indicators of interference are noisy links, for analog systems. Legacy AM and FM systems indicate interference problems by various noises. Hiss, hum, or even voices from other transmissions can be heard. For digital transmissions, such as HDTV, cellular, or P25, interference shows up as limited range, dropped calls, or low data rate. That familiar waterfall sound on your cellular phone indicates poor reception and a high bit error rate, which might be caused by interference.


Anritsu showcased the Interference Hunting System: Spectrum Master™ MS2720T plus InterferenceHunter™ MA2700A at Mobile World Congress 2014.

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